Saturday, August 14, 2010

Houses and School

I am still in my rental with no place to call my own. The house I was buying turned out to be a huge mess. The house appraised for less than it was worth. Which was good for me. But, a week after I learned that the person who owned the house is deceased and an estate attorney is taking care of things. The amount owed on the house was slighly more than what it appraised at so they changing it into a short sale. I'm thinking about walking away. I'll be out some money but I'll get my earnest money back. There is a house that I really like in Casa Grande. So I might go look at it. I didn't want to look at any short sales from the beg. so it's diasppointing that it turned into a short sale. However, maybe Maricopa is not where I want to be. The utilities are so much more compared to other cities. Guess time will tell.

My students started on Monday. I have a wild class. I have a crazy boy (he should be in a self contained classroom but we don't have those at my school - so he has an aide sitting with him). It's been very tiring and at times a little frusterating. Becuase they just do not listen. Last years class was not like this. Of course we were told that this years class was very wild. Now I guess I see what they were talking about.