Friday, May 29, 2009

Honda called

Apparently my ac is perfectly fine and doing everything it should.
And everything on the ac checks out and is fine. And there is nothing to charge me for to fix. I should be super happy, by not having to pay for it, right? Well, idk the idea of driving somewhere and then it stop working really makes me nervous. I do not want to get a purple face from driving in a hot car.

Can you tell I hate being hot?

Hopefully all my car needed was routine maintenance to fix the ac problem fixed or else... we have bigger problems like I'm becoming a schizopherenic and just imagining the air is blistering hot. ;-)

Me and my car

Okay so this weight watchers thing is not half bad. It does take a lot of time figuring out points. But i love the fact that i can eat anything I want. So if i want to waste all my points on fries and a hamburger someday than I can. Today is day #2. I went to Jack'n'crap for lunch and got a teriyaki chicken bowl and i'm a little nervous to see how many points that took up. Hopefully I can still eat dinner later.

I got up early this morning to the take the car to the dealership. It's getting the 90,000 mile check up even though i'm at 100,600ish. I'm a little late. Actually I probably would not be getting that done except my ac is playing mind games with me. If i drive anywhere between 2-4 (when it's super hot outside) and i'm in stop and go traffic it will start blowing out air that is hotter than outside. Any other time of the day super cold air. The Honda guy said it's blowing out 40 degrees and there appears to be nothing wrong with it but they will test out what i told them it does. Depending on how much it cost to fix this "mysterious" ac problem will depending on what else gets fixed. My dad told me the ac could be as high as 1000 (agh). I really hope not.

I'd like to get the other things fixed but I could wait. Something like the passenger door not locking from the key lock or door lock. I guess I could reach over and unlock it by hand. And I probably will since I think the quote was around $250. And I don't think the ac will be as cheap as it was to fix last year when the switch broke (that was like $80).

Please be cheap Honda mechanic guy. I use to work with this lady that husband worked on cars at a dealership. Did you know that mechanics who stay busy make over $100,000k a year? :-\

I would not work on cars for that amount. At what salary would you be all hot and sweaty working on cars for?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fatty McMuffinpants

I stopped doing personal training about 6 weeks ago for two reasons #1 it was expensive and #2 the only results i was seeing was getting stronger. Since I stopped personal training I have been enjoying eating to go and fast food. A little too much I just weighted myself and i am up at least 15 pounds. Holy crap!

Today my hair lady Shauna was telling me she joined Weight Watchers and in 6 weeks lost 30 pounds. I thought today about perhaps joining. Well, tonight I joined the "online" weight watchers. I want to see if I can do it by myself. A week is free. So if not then I will go to a meeting by my house. Skinny jeans I'm coming for you (now just need to figure out where I put them).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not much is going on

I have been applying with a lot of different school districts. It is nuts how many copies of things they want in addition to my application, resume, and letters of recommendation. It takes about an hour to do each one. I have only been applying at schools that show open teaching positions on their websites. Most of these schools are far away from my house. Pretty much I have no idea what I will be doing.

I am still working on being certified in Texas. I have a deficiency on my Arizona certificate that I have two years to update. I have to take Arizona Constitution. It's a 1-credit class and I am taking it. Luckily it will be over in 4 weeks.

My future brother-in-law was in town over the weekend and stayed at our house. It was nice getting to know him better.

Monday, May 18, 2009

4 words

Tempted to quit job!

Not sure how I would explain that one to my parents. Not that it’s really any of their business. And they wouldn’t understand. I work at my old job 2 hours in the afternoons from 3:30-5:30. It’s a pretty sweet set up. The thing is every time I am there – it just makes me mad. I still feel I was the most qualified for the position and I can’t get over it when I’m there (even if it was probably for the best). I got sent an e-mail last week asking if I would please do training in June. I haven’t responded yet.
I feel like being here is a waste of my time. The only plus is the little pay check I get. But, is it really worth it?

I don’t have a teaching job lined up for the next school year. Should I feel nervous that I don’t have one? Because I don’t.

The responsible part of me thinks that I need to wait until I get a teaching contract before I quit this pony show. The irresponsible childish part of me thinks I should just throw caution to the wind and things will work out.

All I know is something needs to change.

On a happy note, I finished my 1st class. 3 credits down another 30 to go!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I needed a laugh. See for yourself at my sisters blog.

Positive attitude where are you?

I have been putting off my blog.
Lately I have felt like such a loser.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of having this cold, maybe that's partly why the loser mentality keeps lurking around. I hardly ever get sick. If i do it's a cold and it last maybe 3-5 days. Maybe I caught one of those super germs I've heard them talk about on the news. If you haven't heard there are so many people that use medicine incorrectly "Antibiotic abuse is so widespread that it is breeding new strains of germs, known as "super germs."

I should be super happy:
  • I finally passed my state test.
  • I went and got my teaching certificate.

Instead I am not. The idea of finding a job is daunting. I started submitting applications to various places some are far away and some are close but not ideal. I also am having the state of Texas review my credentials to be certified over there. At this point I'll go anywhere depending on the salary.

I don't want to sub anymore and I don't want to do my office job anymore. Every day I go to my office job and it makes me mad that I didn't get that job. I really believe I was the more qualified one. But, things happen for a reason so i should be counting my blessings I suppose.

The personal training lady called me the other day. I decided not to renew my contract. It was too expensive. I am afraid to weight myself but i have a feeling that any weight I did lose is now back. Why can't I lose weight without going on a diet? But, I guess that's what everyone is after.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've been "sick" forever it seems. I have kinda of just gotten use to it. Until yesterday when I had this unimaginable pain in my ear. I haven't felt this kind of pain since I was a kid. Well I was finally desperate enough to go to the doctor. I sucked up the cost and 100 bucks later I feel so much better. I just hope tomorrow my hearing is back to normal (but at least the pain is mostly gone). :-)