Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Spirit

It's time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. My dad got permits to cut Christmas trees down this year. My parents and my sister's boyfriend went up north and cut the trees down yesterday. I think they would have liked to have gone the week before but they were helping me get the rental ready to go (mom even spent 2 nights over here - she was amazing).

So, today my Christmas tree comes. Hopefully mom can find my box of Christmas decorations or else it's going to be a pretty empty looking tree. I do have a few boxes of balls that I bought after the holiday last year. But, everything else stayed at her house with the move. And dad is a hoarder in his parts of the house (garage and office). Mom won't let him put things anywhere else. She's going to attempt to look in the garage today. I hope she is able to find it. A lot of it's ornaments that I got as a child.

Dad told me he got me a stand at HomeDeopt yesterday. He said one cost about $6 and would only last 1 season and the other one was $50 and would last me a long time. Apparently now I owe my dad $50. (He knows how poor I am with all the house stuff. I hope he realizes he is probably not getting it until after xmas).

I need to go and buy a tape measure. Mom and dad are going to stop and get me some xmas lights for the outside of the house. I cannot wait! I've never had my own before.

By the end of today my house should have some Christmas spirit. The tree will be here and outside lights are being put up. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. I am so lucky that my parents help me so much.