Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am "kinda" bummed. I finally got the test result back from the second test that I took on Sept. 20th (results come in 4 weeks but there was a big hold up with my groups test results). Today they finally posted the results. If you did not already figure it out I did NOT pass.
The cutoff score was 240 and I got a 238. So close. It's my own fault though I didn't start studying to the night before AND I rushed through the essays. I know if I had taken the time to write correctly and put more thought and effort into the answers I would have gotten enough points to pass (if you have been reading my blog you have probably notice that I am not a good writer and have horrible grammar - although I must give myself some props 10 years ago it was atrocious and I know "some" of the rules these days).

I already had signed up to take the next test anyhow. I guess it's nice to know that
a. the $100 fee isn't going to waste
b. I am really close to passing. I think I'd be uber stressed out if I needed to bring it up 40 points.

Now I have to get a substitute certificate that cost $60 to have for the next 6 weeks for my perm sub job at the Elem. school I'm at in Chandler.

I take the test in a few weeks AND if all goes well I'll have a passing score in February....

Sunday, January 4, 2009


For my birthday last month two great friends got me a treatment for the Dolce Salon and Spa. I was totally surprised and amazed. I went online and was checking out the website tonight. I clicked on offers... and for singing up I got to print out a $25 coupon. I am so excited! I cannot wait to go. I am going to wait a little while until I'm in need of lots of TLC.

I just got some great TLC when Michelle was in town and we went to Agave at the Kierland Resort and Spa. The treatments where amazing. Although my bank account is still mad at me. ;-)

My sister has been wonderful this weekend and helped me wash all of my clothes. I always feel like I never have clothes to wear. But apparently I just never had many "clean" clothes. I'd do my normal dark load and light load and just wear that stuff.

I have WAY to many clothes. I need to stop shopping and learn how to do more laundry. I might be getting a house next fall so I will need to learn fast, very fast. I am envious of people who can do so much on a small budget. I spend twice if not three times more and have nothing to show. It's pretty depressing when I think about it. I know all of the concepts but cannot seem to apply them. Of course I probably should have saved this last part for a different blog and not one that talked about going to the expensive spa for the posh treatments. ::shrug::

Okay, 2009 I will become more mature. But I think that is kinda of like saying I'm not going to age (since we kinda of mature as we age). Still it's something obtainable to work towards.