Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was going to blog about something. And now that I’m at a PC to type I can not remember what I was going to blog about. How poor I am? I’m about to graduate? Seeing the movie Twilight? Going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with the family tonight? Cleaning my car? None of these really seem blog worthy today.

I have 3 more days with my 3rd graders. I am really going to miss them. I have become attached to each of them. Last week I kept getting mobs of hugs. It was nice but at the same time it was difficult because we had lots of work to do. I am going to miss my mentor teacher. She is amazing. I really got lucky being placed with her. I am thinking about getting her a $20 gift card to Starbucks and then some roses/flowers. I don’t know nothing seems amazing enough on a shoe-string budget. For my students I am giving them a little goody bag with a special pencil, eraser, and then a message about what I liked about them (to make it more personalized). I might put a few other small things. 3rd graders go through pencils and erasers so quickly, I think they must eat them. ;-)

Yesterday Mom, Kim and, I spent the whole afternoon and evening shopping. It was a lot of fun. We went to 3 places to do brides maid dress shopping. We went to three places a boutique, David’s Bridal, and Aztec. They were not close together so I decided the route we would go first. I made the mistake of going to the Scottsdale place first. Since it was a boutique they had maybe 50-75 brides’ maid’s dresses in one size. There was no way I was going to fit my butt or boobs or anything for that matter into them so Kim tried them all on. There were about 20 that we liked and she tried on. We ended up with 2 that we loved and 2 that we liked. One of the 2 we liked was a Vera Wang, so this is what the other dress shops were being compared to. Next we went to the Aztec Place and I felt so out of place. I did not like it there at all! We didn’t try anything on. Last we went to David’s Bridals. Now I thought there stuff looked cheap when we went to the Bridal Expo and saw the stuff on the runway models. Kim and I tried on dresses at the same time. I was in-between sizes so that kind of sucked. One size I couldn’t zip up and the next size up I was falling out of everywhere. I think we liked 2 dresses. They really have strange stuff. D.B was alright. I don’t really want to wear anything from there. The 2 dresses that we liked from the first stop I need to try something on closer in my size so we can see how it fits me.

It kind of drives me nuts because every place we go to do wedding stuff mom has to tell the person how the bride is in Germany and won’t be back until July. Why this is true we hardly get any service or taken seriously. I keep getting mad at mom and telling her not to say it. She always says she knows but hopes they will feel sorry for her. I finally told her they don’t, they are picturing Heather to be like the typical bride who has to have everything their way, and that’s so not Heather. Kim and I are pretty much in-charge of everything (except the billing…lol) because we have no problem making executive decisions in Heathers behalf. Mom on the other hand cannot handle it. What is the big deal? It’s kind of fun planning a wedding. Although I’ve never been one of those girls that dreams about their own weddings and even being immersed in the wedding culture I haven’t gotten on the wedding bandwagon (for myself). Although I am super excited to go to Heathers wedding, it is going to be so much fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A lot is going on

The program I am in at ASU the school district hires site based substitute for the spring semester. If you do a great job at the school you are assigned to you will get a teaching job in the fall. This is very nice because you don’t have to go searching for a job or stress about finding one. I received a letter at the school inviting me to go to a meeting for the site based sub. This is exactly what I wanted! I go and meet with them the first week in December and if all goes well they will hire me.

There are two tests that have to be taken to get your teaching certificate once you have your degree. I took both tests on 9/20. The scores are posted a month later on 10/20. I passed one of my tests. The other one I am still waiting to find out the results, I finally got an e-mail this past week that said the Department of Education is meeting on 12/08 to approve the cutoff scores and it will then take a week to find out the results. Almost 3 months to find out seems a little excessive. I have a feeling that I’ll be retaking that test. Of course that’s what I thought about the other test since I rushed through it and stopped reading some of the answers. But since I passed it I am feeling more optimistic about the 2nd one.

This past week I went to a bridal expo. My sister is getting married next September and since she’s in Germany until July Mom, Kim and I are helping her plan it. It was kind of fun seeing the bridal fashion show. Okay more like it was fun seeing these ridiculous dresses and colors the models came out with. One of the models kept having wardrobe malfunctions. The next day we went and met with the even planner. I met mom and Kim at the place and before we headed inside Kim gave me a card that came in the mail. I saw that it was from Chris (my future brother-in-law). I figured it was some save the date card so I was annoyed that Kim wanted me to open it then and brought it (since that could wait I know when the wedding is). She told me to still open it. I pull out the card and there is a pretty pink dress on the front (so unlike Heather, she’s more of the tom-boy in the family) and it says “will you be my Bridesmaid?” and in the inside Chris wrote for Heather (again she’s in Germany) “Surprise!!! My day just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t a part of it! Love, Heather”.

That was so sweet and what a nice surprise. I love being surprised especially when I’m getting annoyed or mad and realize I’m being dumb. I thought it was super sweet that Chris helped Heather (I was telling and showing Kevin and he didn’t think it was that sweet... so I kept trying to explain it…men!). I am so glad that she asked me. Kim of course had to read what mine said right away to compare. Now after becoming a bride’s maid and meeting with the even planner I am so excited for this wedding!

I started feeling like I was getting sick on Thursday and sure enough I am now sick. I went to student teaching yesterday (I haven’t called out one day the whole semester that would look super bad on my behalf) and the kids kept trying to give me remedies. It’s kind of sweet but I am not taking heath advice from an 8 year old.

Here is a funny story from interning. Last week I was teaching my students to, too, and two for language arts. We talked about what they mean. When I was having them do guided practice from their books. I would read the sentence and they would write the answer on their mini white boards.

I read from their books:

I went (to) the mall.
Can I have (two) plumbs?
May I have more ice-cream, too?

One of my boys raises his hand and says – Um Miss R you are giving us the answers! ;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We've been waiting for the movie for how long?

This hasn't been my first blog. But it's the only one I use because I will not blog on myspace and the others ones didn't feel right (someday I need to move all my old blogs over to hear).

I was reading a blog about the Twilight movie and it made me want to find my old blog. I included a link to my old blog about who the author would have play Edward. I'd have to agree with Stephanie Meyer on this and here is the PERFECT EDWARD . Isn't he dreamy? Ahhhh...

100th Post

I voted. I didn’t really want to vote for either candidate. I ended up voting based on who I thought has a better education plan (even thought I think both need some major improvements).

Now, I have never been at a school on voting day. Today was my first day. If you went and voted at a school or are a parent who had it held out your child’s school we should outraged.

With all the weird people out there these days why are we allowing them to come on to school property to allow them to vote?

(Yes, the public owns the schools. But, any other day the teachers and staff know who is on campus and adults coming to the campus have to get a badge from the front office to be on campus). In my first 5 minutes of walking to my classroom this morning I saw so many adults that I did not know. Now I know that most of the public are good people. But, what freaks me out about having the voting polls at our schools is that any sort of predator can come to our school and walk around without anyone trying to figure out who they are and what they are doing there. Some of these people used the kid’s bathrooms today!

Kids feel safe at school and usually trust the adults that are in their schools. I could go up to any kid at the school and ask them to come with me. In an era where we are all about safety and the safety of our children why are we allowing voting to happen during school hours? Sure the chances are slim for something to happen. And one could argue that it could happen any day. However, I think a day like today makes it too easy and something happening to one child is too much of a risk.

Perhaps every election day I’ll feel a pit in my stomach and be extra protective of my students if I’m a teacher working in a school that has the public come in for voting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

30, flirty, and thriving?

Where is the year going? I cannot believe it's already November. In a month I am going to be 30, I've been preparing for it all year. But, it doesn't still seem real. There are a lot of things going on in November and December and I'm not including the holidays!

Shaunna and I are doing a joint "30" birthday party.
I end student teaching
Graduation (that didn't take forever)
My actual Birthday

I can't decide if I want to go to the graduation ceremony. Shaunna keeps telling me I need to do it. Did you go to your college graduation ceremony? Wish that you hadn't???