Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 r

This year has been all about change for me. I think the only thing that has not changed is the size of my bum.

New career, new car, new place to live. For one that doesn't like change that is an awful lot.

My sister got married this year. Her wedding was incredible and so much fun. It was an honnor to be one of her brides maides. I am looking foward to being an Auntie in a few years. My sister married a great guy and his family is awesome and lots of fun.

I went to Portland and Seattle to visit my friend and sister. I love visiting people I love.

Talked to my friend about my school. She contacted someone who was able to get people in the community to help out the school. It was so amazing! I went to the school and 50 families got a $125 food box from Walmart and got things like milk, turkeys, bananas, etc. They also got a toy and each school aged kid got a shirt, jacket, and socks. They also are having more jackets sent to the school. And they presented a check to the school for $3000. I got a lot of hugs. News chanel 15 wanted to so a story on it but u didn't get the vm until it was too late. Now that would have been stressful. It was amazing to be able to have so many families get a little extra support over the break. The most amazing part is the people were telling me they would like to make this an annual tradition and make it bigger next year. All that good karma led me to have the best Xmas. I still can't believe some of the awesome gifts I got. I wast expecting much of anything.

My students wrote letters to Santa. And woe did i learn the true meaning of Xmas. Now I did have a few kids ask for the new toy they wanted. I wasn't expecting some to only ask for a pair of new shoes. Shoes!
As a child my mom taught me to help those that need help. I love that she instilled that quality in me when I was so young. As a child I loved doing the Christmas Tree Angels.
Xmas is not just about getting a child a new toy but necessities as a new pair of shoes or a jacket so they have something to wear on these chilly mornings.

Some things that are not totally amazing.

When I moved my dog decided he could not be home by himself. He tore up my stuff. A lot of flip flops got ruined that first month. My mom thought of a solution having my parents dog (his bff) come over during the week. Now everything is just dandy with my dog. I just have to drive their dog home on Fridays and pick him up Sundays. Which adds a lot of miles to my car. I guess a happy dog is a happier Angela. Plus my parents dog is goofy and always doing strange things. Yesterday, he wanted to lay on the couch. When Deuce did not figure out from being looked at for 5 mins he climbed up on top of Deuce and sat on him for awhile. He is a big boy to boot (97lbs). I enjoy his silly antics. He makes me laugh.

This year I also deveopled alergies. Nose spray was not scary as I thought it would be.

I am excited to see what happens in 2010. I think there will not be as much changing. But you never know!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not sure

I love what I do. The kids are awesome. I love going to the classroom It doesn't feel like I work.

So why do I feel like this is not a job I will do the rest of my life? And why do I look at other job fields?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pier One is Out

I'll just start this blog off by saying that I am dumb.

I have always bought a lot of my house decorations, dishes, and yes even some furniture from Pier One. With newly chosen colors for my house I have started looking at other places and I can't believe how much cheaper other stores have cute stuff for.

My new favorite places to buy things so far are Target and Kohls. I went to Marshalls and they even had some cute super cheap vases.

I am now decorating my house for a bargain. I love all the money I'm saving.

*I did get a huge picture from Pier One for about 80% off. I'll still shop there but will only look at the clearance section. There is no reason for me to pay full price.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been living in this house for over 3 months. I have not decorated anything. A little bit in the kitchen. Nothing is hung on the walls. In fact I went through a lot of my decorations and just put them back in a box. And have no plans on ever pulling them back out.
Truthfully I have been unable to decorate because I don't know where to start color wise. I want a color that I going to love for years.

I went to Pier1 and found some inspiration. Bedroom:

And for colors I would do black and the burgandy from the letters. Never a color I thought of but I think it will look great.

For the kitchen I found chair cushions that I think would match the placemats I recently purchased. It's a pale blue and brown.

Then I could pull the brown and light blue into the living room. I am thinking of replacing my couch. I am pretty sure it wil be dk. brown. I just don't know what material I want it to be due to the dog. :-/


Its been great being on winter break the last few days. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and I got meds for alergies. Very strange to have allergies after so many years without them.

I'm going on a date. I was told that I'm getting a suprise when he picks me up. I asked him what color it is, 'red and green'. Guess whose getting flowers... I love flowers! It's seem like years since I've met a guy that I can talk to on the phone for hours. It's awesome to be excited about someone. I was starting to think those were just feelings of the past. :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I have decided that for me...teaching and blogging do not mix. I cannot seem to blog anymore. Even though my life is so eventful these days.

Part 1:
For Thanksgiving I went and visited my sister Heather and my brother-in-law Christopher up in Seattle. It was so much fun and awesome to spend time with them. They bought a house so it was very cool to finally see what it looks like. They also got two cats so I got to meet their little family. My brother-in-law has the best family. It was fun to spend time and see them all again. I cannot wait to go back.

Part 2:
Most of my kiddos have nothing. This week I gave them one of their Christmas presents, early. It was a 24-count box of crayons that I had gotten at Wallmart at the beginning of the school year for 25 cents a box. Most of them were so excited about all the colors! It was cute that they were excited but kind of humbling.

As part of a district assessment. The first graders are writing a letter to Santa. I had two of my kids that all they said was 'they wanted new shoes'. My kiddos are 6 years old and they just want a new pair of shoes. That's heartbreaking.

I am generally a positive person. I try to look at the bright side of things and don't like bad situations to affect me.

One thing I have learned this year. Is I have little Christmas spirit. I don't know why I love the holidays. This year a Christmas miracle is taking place and I don't even know where to start.
I was talking to my really good friend the other day and telling her how I was kind of bummed about Christmas for all of my kiddos. I had learned that some of them are even stressed about having 2-weeks off (what kid would think that, right?). Well, what I didn't realize is that the school feeds them breakfast and lunch. And they hopefully eat dinner at homes. That broke my heart to hear that last week. What child should have to be worried about eating over break?

She told me she was going to talk to some of her contacts and see what she should do.

This morning I get a call from a guy that works in the Governers offie and he has some contacts and what would help my school out the most (the area my school is in is very rural and very poor - so there are no places in the area of the school that can provide assistance). Well, this guy is amazing he told me there is a meeting at lunch time and to get back to him asap so they can get some things approved.

I got an e-mail later on from him after my assistant principle called him back. That they were looking at giving 50 of the neediest families $75 and to give $10 to 125 kids for something to have. My assist. principle said that shoes and jackets where more of need than toys. There was things at the bottom about food but at this point I could not focus because I was in total shock.

I e-mailed the guy back and told him that his e-mail brought tears to my eyes and how amazing this all was. He replied back and told me that it has gotten a lot bigger! I am still in total shock. I think it will hit me in a few days the impact that my friend has made. I never really believed that one person could make such a huge difference. After all I am 1-1st grade teacher in a state with thousands of others. I am grateful and glad for all of my friends and how amazing they can be.

Part 3:
I am excited about a guy! I don't even remember the last time I have been this excited and have had such a connection with someone (I am such a cynic when it comes to men, or I was...). Happy Girl am I!!! Sorry no details just yet. But, I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Helper

I have a little girl in my class. She always is pouting or looks sad. She has every reason too. Her mom abandoned her a few years ago and moved away. Her dad, sister, and her moved in with the grandma.

She has always been pouty. Within the past month she has been drawing pictures and whenever she draws herself in the picture there is a frown. BIG RED LIGHT! I was kind of hoping it was just a one time thing but I keep seeing it. The black pig tails with the black frowny face. I know she is having a hard time adjusting because her best-friend changed schools a few weeks ago.

I don't really know what to do. I asked her who she plays with at recess today and she told me she, "hides behind the bush". I was thinking maybe she's hiding from the other kids. Nope she said she just goes there by herself. She did tell me she plays a little with a few girls.

I can't really force anyone to be friends. Plus some of them are still at that stage (i forget what it's called) where they don't really play with people they play near them but not together.

So starting on Thursday she is going to come in at lunch and be my "special helper" or play on the computer. I feel like I have to do something. Hopefully this helps and she just needs some extra TLC.


I am almost 31 years old. There I said it. Not that I really want people to know about it. But, I wanted to point out my age. Because for the first time in my life (I think) I have allergies.

They are not mild allergies (at least I don't think, but of course, i don't really know).

My nose itches and I sneeze many times each day. A few weeks ago I could not stop sneezing. Which was horrible when I'm teaching the kiddos and I had to stop every few seconds. One of my eyes feels itchy some days. I don't know what else it could be.

I'm kind of hoping it goes away because this has been an on going thing for awhile. I really don't want this to be the new chapter of my life, Thirties and Sneezing.

On a side note: I tried some allergy medicine a few months back and it made me feel worse. :-(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where is home?

I have always loved unpacking and putting stuff in it's spot. (Packing and moving totally different story). Every move I have ever done I've unpacked and been all moved in over a weekend.

I moved the last weekend of August. I moved in and started unpacking and then I started freaking out a little bit and completely stopped unpacking. Several times a week I was considering paying the $2500 to break my lease. Where ever things got placed when my family moved me in is where things stayed. So for the past 2 months I have been surrounded by boxes and just not using stuff. The only thing stopping me from breaking the lease was that I had no where to go? I could move back home (although my mom would be beyond pissed off). Let's face I'm almost 31 and it's no longer acceptable to be living at home. So where else would I go?
Good things started happening last weekend. I started going through the boxes on the kitchen counter and washing the dishes. Today I went though all the boxes and my kitchen is almost all the way put away. It's weird to see and have so much counter top to now use. I have actually started thinking about how to decorate things.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beep! Beep!

Yes, I'm a slacker... I have been neglecting my blog. I have no good reasons for not updating my blog. I have lots to blog about. So much has changed over the past few months. Tonight I'll pick one of them - my car.

It was the day of Heather's (sister) bridal party. Kim (sister), Tricia (Heahter's MOH), and I were throwing my sister her party. Heather wanted it to be mexican theme so the three of us decided to throw it at Macyo's. It was the perfect set-up. We didn't have to prepare any food or decorate.

Right after school I had to drive over to my parents house to help get things ready to take over to the restuart. I was driving on the highway (maybe 10 miles west of Casa Grande) in the middle of knowhere when the gas pedal stopped working. I pulled over to the side. Luckily my phone and internet worked. I looked up a tow truck and called them to come get me and my car. I didn't end up having to wait very long on that hot August day. The guy towed us to Honda in Tempe.

I made it to Heathers party with only minutes to spare. It was a lot of fun.

The next day the dealership called to tell me that it was my transmission and it would be a little more than $3000 to fix. My Honda was paid off and I was hoping to drive it for a few more years. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to throw $3000 into a car that will having problems and I also didn't want to have car payments. That night I went online to Tempe Honday (since that's where my car was at). And I did one of those online applications. I hadn't even thought about getting a car so when it asked what you were looking for I just put civic coupe. It's what I had so I knew I would like it.

Sunday morning I received a phone call from a sales guy at Honda. He told me they had 2 models of what I was looking for. He told me how much he would sell me the car for and aroung what the interest rate would be. An hour later I headed down there with my dad. He insisted to go since I never bought a car on my own. On the way there he kept trying to talk me into getting an Accord instead of a civic. While I would love to have gotten the Accord coupe all I saw in my eyes was extra $$$ (car cost, matience, gas). I wasn't quite ready for that. Plus this car is to just get me to and from work.When I got there I looked at the color I was interested in and went in and signed the paperwork. A hour after arriving at the dealership I left with my brand new car.

Next time I go to purchase a car I will do the same thing and save myself those extra 'haggling' hours.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I <3 my class...

So many changes have taken place in the past 2-months that I need to blog about. I'm saving that for another time when I can think clearly.

At my school every other Wednesday the kiddos have a half-day and us teachers stay at school for the rest of the day. That day after the meeting was over we were told that an organization had donated some school supplies.

Let me start off by saying that I teach in a very rural area and almost all of the kids live in poverty. The school provides free breakfast and lunch to every student. The school has dress code uniform.
  • I have a girl who does not have a pair of shoes that tie for her to be able to participate in PE (now she can because a pair of sneekers were donated for her to put on before PE).
  • I have another girl who wear the same shirt and bottoms all week and by the end of the week she smells very stronly of pee.
  • I have about 4 students who were the same dirty shirt day after day.

All of these things are normal to the students and they do not even think twice about it.

So when I saw a boys and girls backpack on the table I quickly made my way over to snag one. I ended up with the girls backpack. I was going to give it to one of my girls who has this itty bitty backpack that doesn't even fit her folders and her papers get all crumpled up. But, I ended up thinking about this other girl that I have. She is always telling me she "forgot her backpack at home". This morning I pulled her aside and told her about this backpack and asked if she wanted it. Her eyes lit up and she got excited. That's when I noticed that she was carrying one of those Fry's $1 grocery bags with a lot of her stuff in it.

At the end of the day when I gave this backpack to her she was so excited and happy. When I was walking the kiddos out to the bus she told me that she was going to be able to "be organized".

I've been thinking about it all night. Even though the backpack didn't come from me personally it feels amazing that she has something she is excited and makes me think that her other bag probably was not something she wanted the other kids to see.

If I pass out snack all of my kids want it. If I decide to reward my kids and give them a small whatever. They are grateful for what I give them.

I never thought as myself as a 1st grade teacher. I am LOVING it at this school. I love my students. I seriously have such a good class.

While I am teaching them they are teaching me that so much of what I value in life has no importance or validity. I don't need to have 20 white shirts. I don't need to have a new coach purse because what ever reason seems valid, etc. And all of the other luxuries in my life that seems like a necessity are not. My first graders are teaching a much needed lesson life lesson and they will never know. And hopefully I am providing them with the skills and strategies so they can break the cycle of poverty - thus providing them with choices when they are adults.

***Sorry for all the typos and grammar errors. I am too tired to even attempt to look for them. Good night!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time for bed

Please tell me how it is already 9:30? Tomorrow I start working as a teacher (the kids start next week). I have to start getting up and leaving my house around 6-something. Yikes! No more staying up till 3 for me.

I will miss you 3 am! See you in a few months on my fall break or the occasional weekend.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It was a date

Not sure if there will be another one. He didn't try to already make plans with me. I had a lot of fun. And I'd do it again If he asks me.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date or non-date update

Don't tell anyone I said this until it's confirmed BUT I think it's a date! :-) He asked me if I wanted him to pick me up or meet there [date]. Even though it's totally out of the way I think he should pick me up. ;-)

I'm excited! I thought I would add I forgot how much fun I have talking to him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Date or non-date?

Is it a date or a non-date? I really have no idea. Ok, so you may be wondering what I am talking about. About a year and a half ago I went on two dates with this guy who I was really excited about. But, he is super busy and was leaving that year to spend a year in a different state for his job. He is back and we got in touch again over facebook. We have been catching up and talking. It's been great. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie. [Date] It's this Thursday. Which I'm pretty sure is a [non-date] night. I know his work schedule is crazy and he's always working or on call. I have decided I am not going to dwell on my date or non-date. I am just going to go and have fun and enjoy his company. "Coffee is the non-date date drink of choice. Asking someone to go for drinks, dinner and/or a movie with you clearly constitutes a “date”. Asking someone for coffee, on the other hand, doesn’t. Splitting the bill. That’s another non-date date activity. Allowing a guy to pay for the whole evening, on the other hand, sends the signal that you’re on a real date."

EEEEKKKKKKK I'm going on a date!!!! This will be my first date since Kevin (did I blog about that? We broke up in April. note to self: remove his pictures from the blog!) I will take cash just in case.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I went to check my e-mail and this article caught my attention: Mom Dies at 69, Twins Orphaned.

She had her twins when she was 66 with the help of a fertility clinic. Of course they claim to not have known how old she was. But, I don't know if I buy it. Isn't the main motive of 'most' fertility clinics $$$. It makes me sad when I see or hear of people that are misusing fertility. I understand that for some women they have no desire to adopt. Although I don't really agree with it. We have stricter laws on getting and keeping your drivers licence than we do with using a fertility clinic. Why is it okay for me to go out and have 5 or 6 kids at the same time? Why is it okay to have children after retirement age? I just don't get it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Official x 4

Some of this is old infomation. I am officially:

  • Going to be a 1st grade teacher!
  • Single!
  • Gave my 2-week notice at my job!
  • Going to see my sister next week!

It's all kind of surreal. I am anxious and excited to be a teacher. At the beginning of this year I was only going to work in a certain school district/or city and for a certain grade. After all I had my other job so I wasn't going to switch jobs unless it was exactly what I wanted.

However, yesterday I gave my 2-week notice. I have been there for almost 11 years. I think applying for the position that I did not get was what really opened my eyes up to the idea of "what am I doing at this place?". I earned my degree and they didn't want to promote me. I dont want to waste anymore time applying for things and "hope" that something works out. So times are a changing. Now I'm going to be working for a school in a city I had never heard of in a grade that I had no 0 experience with.

Depending on how my school year goes will depend on what I will do in the future. Your first few years are a big deal. They make or break you. A lot of teachers only last a few years. If it does not work out (which i think it will) but if i doesn't....than I have looked into getting another bachelors degree in accounting or finance. Or maybe I could be a massage therapists. On TV they say I can make the same money in 3 days that there friends make in 5!!!! I'd sure love to rub my hands on some pimply fat rolls or see an old wrinkly man bum.

Kevin and I broke up. I think after your a certain age you don't put up with things. Did we have fun together? Of course he cracks me up. But I felt like our relationship would never move past where it was. We still talk. And I think I'm done with the 40+ men. I think my age range should always remain 25-37 (even when I'm 50). ;-)

My sister Heather comes back home next week from Germany. I have not seen her since she left a year ago. It will be so good to see her!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Any ideas?

Today I found out that I will be a 1st grader teacher (I was hoping for 3rd since that is where I have the most experience). I have no experience with first graders (the only grade I don't have some kind of experience teaching).

I am really excited and a little overwhelmed with being a teacher all on my own, it was easy when I had my mentor teacher.

I now need to come up with a lot of different ideas and things that are age appropriate. I am scouring the Internet. Have you seen or heard anything cute/fun that 1st graders have done?

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's getting hot in here

but don't worry I'm not taking off my clothes...

This past weekend I went camping with some friends. We went up to Woods Canyon Lake. It was a lot of fun and I was COLD a lot! Now I am back home and the weather seems hotter than ever.
Only 3 more days of this weather on Thursday I am leaving to visit Michelle in lovely Portland. I cannot wait to go see her.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been waiting for this

Holy crap I am tired. I did want to get up early today so I can stop staying up till 3 am. I got super amazing news today. They place I interviewed with last week wants to hire me!!!! They are sending me a letter of intent. I just have to wait until June 29th for their board meeting to become "official". My first teaching job! The people at the school are very nice. It's a small farming community outside of of Maricopa (So i'll probably end up moving there) or the commute would be an hour each way (which really isn't bad when I'm driving 50 miles). :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


For my interview last week I never received a call back.

I had an interview today with another school district. It's only 50 miles from my house! I actually am really excited about this school district (the only thing I didn't like about the other is for students who are misbehaving they have a solitary room for them. It's 2009 people! They aren't going to "think" their problems away). The school I interviewed today had several openings all in the primary grades (including 3rd)! :-)

There was 3 people in my interview the HR lady, principle, and assistant principle. I really loved the HR lady she was so sweet. I also really liked the principle he was so friendly and made me very comfortable (on a side note a lot of male principles intimidate me, not sure why). I couldn't read the assistant principle. She had a lovely necklace on that i really liked. ;-)
Some of their responses to my answers came across that they thought I was creative and had good ideas. So hopefully they were impressed. They did say it would be about two weeks until I head anything (more interviews and the time for the background checks). I'm super excited about this place. It's going to be a long 2-weeks. I have a good feeling about this one!!!

I guess my dog wants to go to bed. He keeps making noises which I would say is similar to a person sighing. I would say he has done it 4 or 5 times in he last 10 minutes. For some reason after about 10:30 he cannot "sleep" on the floor and he wants to go to our bedroom to sleep on the bed. And after awhile he gets mad and starts knocking stuff over on the desks - - what's up with that? One word - Spoiled.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shortest Blog

I have nothing to blog about.

Except maybe tomorrow I'll find out about last weeks job interview. And I have another interview with a different district on Thursday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1st interview

Tomorrow I have my first teaching job interview. How I feel tonight is the equivalent to a first date, you know where your nervous and excited all the same time. I have been applying in various districts in Arizona. And only districts that have current positions posted on their websites. Most of these districts are far away and not within the Phoenix metro area.

I have sent out a little more than a dozen applications. I started about 3 weeks ago and had not heard a thing back. Someone had messaged me on facebook and asked me If i had any lucky yet. As i was writing her back telling her that I haven't I got a phone call to come in for an interview a couple of days later. And that afternoon I got another call for one next week. They are both about 50 miles one way to my house. Yikes!

My interview tomorrow is in Superior which is east of the Superstition mountains in a small mining community. I am looking forward to meeting with the principle and see what the school is like. They have a 1st and 4th grade opening. Something else that is exciting is they have small class sizes they average about 14 students.

When I was at the Honda dealership I started eye balling the CRV. I still like my old car. My plan has always been to run it into the ground. It was brand new when I got it and I've had it for almost 8 years. It's still very reliable and no payment is awesome! I drive my mom's Toyota mini van that she got last year and I love everything about it (well other than it's a mini van). It's so easy and fun to drive. Every time I drive it I'm totally impressed.

For the past few years I have thought of buying a house before getting a new car. But when I don't know where I will be this year and even next year. Should I stop that focus and get something fun to drive? I don't know. Cars are not a very good investment. They are money suckers. If I'm going to be driving an hour each way to work it would be nice to have something nice to drive. Or I could move more east where it wouldn't be as much of a commute.

Well time to start practicing for my interview.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Honda called

Apparently my ac is perfectly fine and doing everything it should.
And everything on the ac checks out and is fine. And there is nothing to charge me for to fix. I should be super happy, by not having to pay for it, right? Well, idk the idea of driving somewhere and then it stop working really makes me nervous. I do not want to get a purple face from driving in a hot car.

Can you tell I hate being hot?

Hopefully all my car needed was routine maintenance to fix the ac problem fixed or else... we have bigger problems like I'm becoming a schizopherenic and just imagining the air is blistering hot. ;-)

Me and my car

Okay so this weight watchers thing is not half bad. It does take a lot of time figuring out points. But i love the fact that i can eat anything I want. So if i want to waste all my points on fries and a hamburger someday than I can. Today is day #2. I went to Jack'n'crap for lunch and got a teriyaki chicken bowl and i'm a little nervous to see how many points that took up. Hopefully I can still eat dinner later.

I got up early this morning to the take the car to the dealership. It's getting the 90,000 mile check up even though i'm at 100,600ish. I'm a little late. Actually I probably would not be getting that done except my ac is playing mind games with me. If i drive anywhere between 2-4 (when it's super hot outside) and i'm in stop and go traffic it will start blowing out air that is hotter than outside. Any other time of the day super cold air. The Honda guy said it's blowing out 40 degrees and there appears to be nothing wrong with it but they will test out what i told them it does. Depending on how much it cost to fix this "mysterious" ac problem will depending on what else gets fixed. My dad told me the ac could be as high as 1000 (agh). I really hope not.

I'd like to get the other things fixed but I could wait. Something like the passenger door not locking from the key lock or door lock. I guess I could reach over and unlock it by hand. And I probably will since I think the quote was around $250. And I don't think the ac will be as cheap as it was to fix last year when the switch broke (that was like $80).

Please be cheap Honda mechanic guy. I use to work with this lady that husband worked on cars at a dealership. Did you know that mechanics who stay busy make over $100,000k a year? :-\

I would not work on cars for that amount. At what salary would you be all hot and sweaty working on cars for?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fatty McMuffinpants

I stopped doing personal training about 6 weeks ago for two reasons #1 it was expensive and #2 the only results i was seeing was getting stronger. Since I stopped personal training I have been enjoying eating to go and fast food. A little too much I just weighted myself and i am up at least 15 pounds. Holy crap!

Today my hair lady Shauna was telling me she joined Weight Watchers and in 6 weeks lost 30 pounds. I thought today about perhaps joining. Well, tonight I joined the "online" weight watchers. I want to see if I can do it by myself. A week is free. So if not then I will go to a meeting by my house. Skinny jeans I'm coming for you (now just need to figure out where I put them).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not much is going on

I have been applying with a lot of different school districts. It is nuts how many copies of things they want in addition to my application, resume, and letters of recommendation. It takes about an hour to do each one. I have only been applying at schools that show open teaching positions on their websites. Most of these schools are far away from my house. Pretty much I have no idea what I will be doing.

I am still working on being certified in Texas. I have a deficiency on my Arizona certificate that I have two years to update. I have to take Arizona Constitution. It's a 1-credit class and I am taking it. Luckily it will be over in 4 weeks.

My future brother-in-law was in town over the weekend and stayed at our house. It was nice getting to know him better.

Monday, May 18, 2009

4 words

Tempted to quit job!

Not sure how I would explain that one to my parents. Not that it’s really any of their business. And they wouldn’t understand. I work at my old job 2 hours in the afternoons from 3:30-5:30. It’s a pretty sweet set up. The thing is every time I am there – it just makes me mad. I still feel I was the most qualified for the position and I can’t get over it when I’m there (even if it was probably for the best). I got sent an e-mail last week asking if I would please do training in June. I haven’t responded yet.
I feel like being here is a waste of my time. The only plus is the little pay check I get. But, is it really worth it?

I don’t have a teaching job lined up for the next school year. Should I feel nervous that I don’t have one? Because I don’t.

The responsible part of me thinks that I need to wait until I get a teaching contract before I quit this pony show. The irresponsible childish part of me thinks I should just throw caution to the wind and things will work out.

All I know is something needs to change.

On a happy note, I finished my 1st class. 3 credits down another 30 to go!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I needed a laugh. See for yourself at my sisters blog.

Positive attitude where are you?

I have been putting off my blog.
Lately I have felt like such a loser.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of having this cold, maybe that's partly why the loser mentality keeps lurking around. I hardly ever get sick. If i do it's a cold and it last maybe 3-5 days. Maybe I caught one of those super germs I've heard them talk about on the news. If you haven't heard there are so many people that use medicine incorrectly "Antibiotic abuse is so widespread that it is breeding new strains of germs, known as "super germs."

I should be super happy:
  • I finally passed my state test.
  • I went and got my teaching certificate.

Instead I am not. The idea of finding a job is daunting. I started submitting applications to various places some are far away and some are close but not ideal. I also am having the state of Texas review my credentials to be certified over there. At this point I'll go anywhere depending on the salary.

I don't want to sub anymore and I don't want to do my office job anymore. Every day I go to my office job and it makes me mad that I didn't get that job. I really believe I was the more qualified one. But, things happen for a reason so i should be counting my blessings I suppose.

The personal training lady called me the other day. I decided not to renew my contract. It was too expensive. I am afraid to weight myself but i have a feeling that any weight I did lose is now back. Why can't I lose weight without going on a diet? But, I guess that's what everyone is after.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've been "sick" forever it seems. I have kinda of just gotten use to it. Until yesterday when I had this unimaginable pain in my ear. I haven't felt this kind of pain since I was a kid. Well I was finally desperate enough to go to the doctor. I sucked up the cost and 100 bucks later I feel so much better. I just hope tomorrow my hearing is back to normal (but at least the pain is mostly gone). :-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Thursday my nose kept running and I kept sneezing. Each day it's gotten a little worse. I originally thought it was allergies (although I've never had them before to compare too).

Well, it's now Tuesday and I have been getting worse each day. Although I'm not going through a Kleenex box day like I was... i just have all this pressure. Nothing seems to be working. I guess if I'm not getting better tomorrow I'll suck it up and pay the price to go to the Doctor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not a ball-busting career gal afterall!

I started feeling around Monday and Tuesday that I did not get the position I applied for at work. And it was not much of a surprise to me when I got called into the office on Wednesday and told that I did not get the job. D asked me if I am interested in the same positions on the cert floor and told me how knowledgeable I am. Also how I need to reinvest myself in the company first (i.e work 40 hours a week which I would totally be willing to do for the right job). Pretty much her response was just a bunch of corporate bs. The whole "lets try to put a nice spin on it to not piss people off". This seriously makes me want to quit this week.

But, I still need something called - - money, money, mmoooney.

There where two job openings. For one of the positions I love the person that got the job. I just met her yesterday and she seems amazing. I am excited to work with her. The guy that got the position I wanted to have.... well, I was happy for him until we had our team meeting yesterday. Where he just acted, like an idiot.

First of all he didn't want to introduce himself (we had to go around and say who we are and what we do on the team for our new boss).

And then when someone called him on it for not going after everyone had finished, he said very weakly, "I'm ___ and I guess I'm the new team lead".

What the hell, you guess you are?

That really irritated me.

I get the whole, okay maybe your nervous even though he has been on our team forever but to have ZERO self-confidence and to say it like you don't really care about it. I just thought it was very insulting. So, my days at the company are going to be coming to an end. Since there "in my opinion" is no future for me here and I'm so fricken bored with what i do. Guess I won't be a ball-busting career gal after all.
I'm not really pissed about not getting the position. Just really kind of bummed. I am ready for a "REAL" job. This in-between stuff is not for me.

On to better news. I find out about my test results on Monday. I really am thinking I passed this time and that makes me a very happy girl. And the plan will still be to try and find a teaching job in Houston. I'm not going to lie. The thought of moving is making me really nervous. I know it will be so good for me. I keep reminding myself that. It's time to grow up and do things on my own. Things r a changing around here by the week.

And the best news yet. Tomorrow night is the Britney Spears concert!!!! I can hardly wait. ;-)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We've been a shopping!

What does Angela do when she gets 4 days off from work?

She shops and updates her blog (I was so sick of bright pink and daisy's)!

I really think it's best that I go to work every day, all this free time has been very bad! I've been a little out of control. :-(

On Thursday my sister Kim and I planned on going shopping and it was going to be a quick trip, like under an hour type thing. I think we shopped for 4 hours. We got some amazing stuff. I almost have a whole new super cute and fun wardrobe. She found some great stuff for me and I helped her find some cute stuff too.

Today, I went to the Library District with my mom and sister to get some stuff I "reserved", so awesome! Afterwards we went to Sweet Tomatoes for an early dinner.

I asked if we could stop at the mall to see if a shirt I had gotten was in a bigger size. I love the shirt but don't really want to cram my big body into it. Not so cute. We headed to the mall. The only shirt they had left was the size I needed! I'm super happy about it. It's a cute hot pink shirt and it will be perfect for the Britney Spears concert I'm going to on Friday!!!! Yes, I'm 30 and super excited to see Britney. Only 6 more days!!!

Anyways, so we are at the mall and I kind of jokingly told my mom that she needs to let Kim and I help her pick out some clothes. I know I shouldn't say stuff like that. But, isn't letting her dress horrible worse? I am not even joking when I say that my mom doesn't know what to wear or looks good on her. She loves the "mom" jeans and a short shirt. Not cute!

At first she told us she was not trying anything on. We talked her into that.

Then she was not going to buy anything. Talked to her into that as well.

It was so strange seeing her in some of the things that we picked out for her. Not because they looked bad on her. BUT because we have never seen patterns or these kinds of styles on mom before. Long story short we went to two malls and she got a bunch of cute tops and bottoms. I seriously am wishing some of her new things could end up in my closet. I am so excited that she got some cute new stuff.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My interview for the supervisor position was this past Tuesday. I got asked the usually questions like...

Why do you want this position?
What makes you a good candidate for the job?
When are you getting married and having kids?

LOL, okay in all fairness to "D", I have known her for years. Almost 10 to be exact.

We also talked about how at our office there is a 48-50 year old women who is pregnant and it looks fricken weird. Imagine a lady with grey curly grandma hair that has a big old prego belly. I'm not going to lie it kind of grosses me out. I think it's okay for men to have kids at that age but not women. I don't get it.

Anyways, I haven't heard anything about the position I applied for yet. Everyone is being told on Monday. Only I wont be there. I am subbing on Monday and Tuesday. I won't be back at work until Wednesday. I am dying to know. I am tempted to go in on Monday after I'm done subbing. All I know is that if I do not get it I am going to be pretty pissed off - I've been with the company for 10 years. 10 years! I am so ready to do something new...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Day

I have an interview today at 2 with my bosses boss, we will call her D.

Not only have I lost my mind my dad is getting a little crazy about this potential promotion.
I even have evidence:
  • Tell them that your working on your masters in education but it's just a backup plan in case you move.
  • Tell them that being a teacher is your second choice.

Okay it's kind of cute that he's into the idea. But seriously i have known D for about 10 years and I have worked under her for awhile. She is the one that approves that I work so few hours so I can reach my dreams of being a teacher.

Good luck to me. I am either going to be doing a new job or applying out of state in a few weeks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I think I lost my mind

I sent an e-mail to my bosses boss (she is the one that lets me work 10 hours a week) today asking her if she would allow me to apply for my bosses position. This position already closed so it might be too late. If I got it I would have to commit a few more years there. Am i completely nuts??!?

It would also mean that I would wait until I'm done with my Masters until I start teaching. And that would be awhile since I only ended up doing one class this semester.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last 5 months in a nutshell

Warning this is my longest post ever! :)

I graduated from college this past fall with an undergrad degree in Elementary Education. During this time I also had landed my “dream” opportunity. The job I had been hoping to get - a permanent subbing job for the spring semester. It’s a great opportunity because you are assigned to a specific school and you go there every day. Even on days when you do not sub. You help out wherever they need you to. You’re hired by the district so you’re an employee and receive.

This does not apply to regular subs as they are more like independent contractors.

Instead of looking for a teaching job for the fall as a permanent sub you apply as an internal transfer. Essentially you have priority over people outside the district.

I was assigned to a school in a very ghetto area of Chandler. This was the first school I had been to where everything was locked up and safety was an issue.

And this is just Chandler not inner-city Phoenix. I cannot even imagine what Phoenix was like. I have been at schools that have been culturally diverse there was a good mix of different nationalities in the classrooms. This school was almost all strictly one nationality and I was in the minority.

I never really have been the minority before. I did feel like I stuck out. I actually didn’t feel like my skin color stuck out - just my very processed blonde hair.

I went around to different rooms and I loved “seeing” the English Language Learners process (ELL) and how ELL students learned. Up to this point I had only read and learned about ELL students in my college classes. It was truly an amazing experience to see if first hand.

I subbed in various grades some where outside of the ages I want to teach (I want to teach in grades in my preference order 3, 2, and 4). Maybe as I get experience I will be able to expand to other grades.

One day I was even a P.E. teacher. It was actually pretty fun and I had so much free time because all of the breaks. When you are a teacher in Chandler you get a 30 min prep time when the kids are at specials and by the time you take the kids to lunch and pick them up about a 35 min lunch. The PE teacher had a 50 min morning break and hour and 15 min lunch and then was done 15 minutes before school ended. I think I picked the wrong field in teaching. ;-)

My dream job lasted two weeks. I received a call when I was helping out in somebody’s classroom.

HR: “Hi Angela! Did you find out if you passed the tests? They posted the grades a few days ago”.
ME: “Yes, I didn’t pass. I signed up last month to take Saturdays test. I am getting my sub certificate tomorrow”
HR: “Oh, that’s too bad. I am sorry to hear that. You know that getting your teaching certificate is part of the criteria to be a permanent sub. Don’t feel bad you are not the only one in this position. The good news is that you can be a regular sub! Would you like to tell the principle or would you like me to?”
Me: “I’ll tell him”.

Maybe I should have had her tell him. But I wanted to be an adult so I went and told him. I gathered up all of my courage and went down to his office. Of course I started crying. I tried so hard not to. I always cry when something is boring me and I have to talk about it.

This was the first time I had heard about having to have my “teaching” certificate. At the orientation in December they asked who didn’t have one. Those of who didn’t have one raised our hands and told them how the state delayed the test results. They delayed the test scores for one of the tests. So, instead of receiving the scores in a month we didn’t receive the scores for almost 4 months.

There went my dream opportunity. It is what it is. I can’t be mad about it. What does being mad about it do? Nothing, I can’t change anything.

If anything it was nice to now have extra time. Since I no longer was report to a school every day. Instead I started getting to sleep in.

With the economy the way that it is there is a surplus of substitute teachers and it’s a total schmooze fest to get a job. I don’t like to sub that much to be networking and getting my name out there. Someone told me there was something like 300 subs for an average of 90 jobs or something like that.

Lisa, my teacher for student teacher has given my name to a few teachers. I do get a few jobs that way. Lisa always asks me first if I want to sub for my old class. It’s fun to sub for my students. I still can’t get over that I get paid to teach them – weird concept after being with them for 4 months for free. They are a goofy group.

The last time I was there one of the boys. I will call him Herman came up to me and said that someone called him a ‘rotten cupcake’ in the boy’s bathroom. I am going to be a horrible teacher because I totally laughed. I can usually control myself when they get called a girl chasing cootie or whatever odd names like that. But a “rotten cupcake” that’s funny. After I laughed I just said, “Herman you know you are not a rotten cupcake.” --See bad teacher in the making right hear folks.

It’s also nice seeing them because they think I’m amazing. I seriously have my own fan group. I even got told last time that I looked like Ashley Tisdale – I wish I was young, skinny, and hot. Maybe I would not choose to be that young but younger would be better!

Since I have graduated when I go to the school I student taught at I will hear my name being called from across campus, it’s cute and sometimes a little embarrassing. I seriously have my own fan club. I am also bombarded by hugs. I will have one boy who will sneak up behind me and hug me. Or sometimes will get 10 of them hugging me. That is always a little bit weird but still sweet. I always leave feeling as happy as a clam after seeing them.

I am subbing for Lisa 3 times at the end of this month. I cannot wait to see my old kiddos.

When I was first offered the permanent sub job I was seriously thinking of quitting my old job. I started working their over 10 years ago. I love my hourly rate and well I’m not going to lie its pretty awesome. Plus they are so flexible with my schedule. But I am bored out of my mind and ready for change. They would allow me to work 10 hours a week at hours of my choice when I was doing the perm sub job. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it but didn’t know if I wanted to give up the money. I decided to work both jobs until I couldn’t handle it anymore. I am so relieved that I decided not to quit.

So, since January 5th I have been working 10 hours a week at my old job. My work schedule Monday-Friday 3:30-5:30 (to accommodate days I was subbing).

Starting this week I decided to start working more hours. I was going to work 30 hours a week so I could start accruing sick and vacation time (since I’ve been here so long I get 6 weeks total a year). Last minute I chickened out and decided I was not ready to commit to the 30 hours a week. With the sub jobs I have at the end of the month I was worried about how I would make up the hours the hours.

I think I found a happy medium. I will be working 20 hours a week starting next week (I can stay more if I want to make more money). I need more money my car needs to go into the shop and it always seems to cost about $900 bucks, that I don’t have. So a working I will be.

I just won’t get the sick and vacation time. But, I’m okay with that. It just would have been a nice perk. I am really glad that I didn’t agree to 30 hours at the beginning of the week. I had told them I would just work 30 hours this week and I am already so tired and miss all my extra time.

The economy in Arizona is a little turbulent for a little while. I wasn’t really worried about it affecting me. After all, my old job is always hiring and then there is always a need for teachers or that’s what I had been told. Over the last few weeks there have been lots of items in the news about school budget cuts. And now a lot of teachers are getting pink slips. Now I’ll be applying for fewer jobs and more applicants who have a year or two of experience that I don’t have.

A few weeks I wasn’t really worried since I have my old job and I can work here until things are better in Arizona. But after working 30 hours this week I have come to realize that I need to get out of here and become a teacher. I have been doing the same thing for the past 5 years. I don’t really want to go to another area within the company. It has really made me realize that I need to get serious about finding a teacher job. Plus I really am meant to be a teacher.

I’m not even going to start applying for jobs until I have my certificate. I find out on April 27 if I passed the test this time. I am nervous but I feel like I should pass this time.

I was talking to my friend Stella who lives in Texas earlier this week. I asked her about the teaching field over there to see if it was similar to things here.

They are actually hiring and not having the problems that we are here. I remember looking up the pay scales a few years ago there and the pay was a lot more there. When I looked the other day it was actually a lot more than I remember it being.

Here first year teachers with their undergrad degree start out at 31,000-35,600 depending on the district. Over there the different districts that I have looked start out at 42,000-44,500. That is a HUGE difference. Rent prices are just a little bit higher here. I think only because stuff as dropped a lot the past year. I am going to apply in a few weeks (if I passed my test). Right now I have 0 teaching experience. What’s the worse that can happen? I move to Houston hate it and move back to Arizona back with a year or two or teaching experience?

I am a little excited and nervous about the prospects of going out into the big bad world all on my own. Probably something I should have done years ago but I was never 100% ready.

I am little obsessed with the idea of moving to Houston I keep looking at rentals, school sites, state website, and figuring out different budgets.

I was born in Texas and do have family there. Although I think it’s a bit of a drive to see them. And then I have Stella who I have known since before we had boobs. So, I wouldn’t be completely alone in a new place. She would be busy with her family but it would be so nice to have a familiar face, especially hers! Oh how I miss her.

I have never moved far away from home. I might be ready for the challenge. If this is what I’m doing I have lots of work to do over the next 3.5 months. The first thing is figuring out getting my finger print clearance card. That’s a long drive for a finger print.

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Twilight + Charmed =

Right after book 3 of the Twilight series came out my friend got me hooked. In addition my sister and I are currently captivated in watching all of the seasons of the TV series Charmed (I am almost about to start season six). Luckily the Library District has all the episodes that we can borrow for free.

I love the Library District! I just joined at the end of last year. Prior to last year I had not set foot in a Library in at least a decade. My have things changed. Who knew all the cool things they have and the best part is that it’s all FREE. I love requesting items online! Then just stopping by to pick up my requests and when I get there all I have to do is grab my stuff from the requests and then I can proceed to go check myself out (at the computer not in the bathroom mirror). ;-)

Requesting online is the best. There is no writing down any book numbers or searching high and low trying to find a certain item. They do it for you. I probably take advantage of it a little too much. Even if it’s at my location and it’s on the shelf - - I add to my requested items (I don’t go and find it myself). Which probably makes me lazy - Thank you library staff for getting my books for me, you’re awesome!!! On top of books I am usually checking out CD, DVD, self help, and cookbooks, and recent releases.

What do you get when you mix the Twilight books with the TV show Charmed? Answer: Vampires and Witches and my latest book obsession….White Witch, Black Curse.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Relationships are hard and mine is in turmoil for the past month. I don’t even know what we are. Last week I was going to end things but I couldn’t do it without crying so I said nothing. We have been talking a little small talk here and there since then. Last week I totally felt ready to face the world as an almost single girl – I was thinking of myself as single just not “official”. I told or was asked by a few people and I just told them that I think my relationship with Kevin was ending.. One of my friends replied back with that I shouldn’t settle. Huh? Tell me how you really feel about it. Oh well. Not their life.

Over the weekend Kevin invited me to go to a bbq. I declined; I don’t think that it would be the best place to see each other. He told me he missed me and now I miss him too. I don’t know what to do. He is miserable and has to work out these issues on his own. All he does is work. And he doesn’t even like his job. Actually right now he hates his job. But his job is his number one priority. That just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand how work is #1 when it is so hated. What does that say about our relationship? Maybe all we need it time. I don’t know if I can go back to how things where before the whole work got out of control.

At what point to I draw the line because I have nothing left to give. I do know that sorry isn’t good enough anymore. Sorry doesn’t mean anything if it’s only said. What I do know is that I won’t be spending the night at his place or hanging out over there. If we are to see each other it will be in a date type setting or when I go over there to get all my stuff. :-(

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been looking a lot things related to cupcakes lately. I decided to try my first batch last night.
It seemed easy enough to whip up some looking like...

And then after making those I thought I could tackle something very fancy like...

Well, it is a lot harder than it looks. I have hardly baked anything my entire life. It is way harder than it looks. Here was my first attempt at cute cupcakes.

I did a light orange, purple, and turquoise. Pretty good for my first attempts with coloring. Although frosting cupcakes is a lot more work than I thought. The cupcakes are a little higher than I had wanted. But they all came out in almost the same shape and size.

I was going to do the frosting with the light orange all over and then do a purple flower with teal leafs. See the orange cupcake below? That purple blob was my attempt at a flower. :-D

This is going to be a lot more work and a ton of practice!!!! On a happy note these cupcakes where better than any cake I've ever made. :-)

Monday, March 30, 2009

DVD Player

I bought a DVD player not very night long one late night trip to Walmart. Recently it started freezing the movie and or not reading the disk at all. I couldn't find the receipt or the box. My friend suggested that I try to return it because they have a very liberal return policy.

They took it back I got a new DVD player and twenty bucks store credit!!!

Only I think I'm going to have to return this one too. It doesn't have that htdmi (or whatever) hookup. That is probably why it was a bit less than the other one. I would have to reattach the AV jacks each time 1 want to play a game or watch a movie. And that just sounds like a pain in the butt.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So my personal training contact ends in two or three weeks. I have been up in the air about what to do with this. I have been taking a metal list of all the reasons to stay or not to stay. Here it is:

Reasons to stay:

  1. Lost inches
  2. I am getting stronger!!!!
  3. get in 30 minutes of working out 3 x a week
  4. feel better
  5. like group setting
  6. I could probably do i in the gym now - but i probably would not stick to it three times a week.
  7. need to keep losing weight - don't want to wear a brides maids tent in my sisters wedding.

Reasons not to stay:

  1. Don't follow a diet (so not as effective as it could be)
  2. expensive!!!
  3. sometimes she pays more attention to how she looks in the mirror or business aspects (like people's after pictures).
I don't have much money right now so I am most nervous about signing another 3 month contract. If you pay month to month it's more. Although I just figured it out it's only $15 more a month. $15 is not that much if you break it out over all the sessions. That makes me feel better about signing a 1 month contract and not 3 months.

I take my test again on Saturday. This time I have been studying things. Yesterday I reviewed when the Constitution was signed, when it was ratified, Bill of Rights, Moroine Doctrine, Manifastdestiny. Social Studies is a little more interesting when you are older. ;-)

On the next pay cycle at work (which is in a week and a half) I am pretty sure I am going to request to start working 30 hours a week. There are some things that I want/have to do and I need money to do them.

  1. take my car to the dealership for the 100,000 mile check up, see about getting the starter and hoses replaced. Oh and whatever the weird light is on for. ;-)
  2. need to save money so start a CD ladder (has anyone done this? what did you think?)
  3. want to go to Last Chance!!!! Last time i was there i got some major deals. I'll have to post pictures of my steals
  4. would like to visit my sister in Germany before she comes back. Might be to late to start planning this though
  5. need to build back up my savings account

I am not going to Grease this year with Michelle. She wanted to postpone it until next year. That was 110% okay with me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do I need to be a Stepford-girlfriend?

Turtles can breathe through their butts. [Glad I'm not that talented!] ;-)

I had my first green beer, it was pretty anticlimactic, if you want to know. It was fun to go out but I ended up spending my night at a Mexican bar. I know. I know. Wrong kind of bar. But, let me go back a few hours before. I started getting ready for the evening and I felt funny. After I was done with my hair my face was bright red, I felt nauseated, and had a headache. I had been looking forward to going out (and I had perfect hair - never happens) and I still wanted to go out.

I called Kevin and he told me to take a nap and that he was going to do the same. I laid in bed and it was one of those times where it doesn't feel like you fell asleep but I did. I felt so much better when I got up. My hair was no longer perfect but I did my best to put it back in place, got dressed, and did my makeup. I looked pretty dang cute. It had been awhile since I felt that cute, I'll have to work more on that. I get ready to leave grabbed my purse and my cell phone.

I check my texts and I have one from Kevin... "I was looking forward to going out... but I'm going to stay home and work."

Are you kidding me? I called him and it went right to voice mail. Well, I was not going to spend my night looking cute watching The Biggest Loser.

I got in my car and drove up to North Scottsdale. It takes me a little bit to drive up there so on the way I had time for butterflies to accumulate in my stomach. What was going to happen when I got there was he going to be home or maybe he lied and went out. Was this 5 month relationship going down the drain tonight?

When I got to his place all the lights were on. So, i went and knocked on the door. Kevin answered but I didn't get a hug hug and def. not a kiss. What a warm greeting. After small talk we head over to the Irish Pub. You didn't think the Mexican bar had green beer, did you? It was so crowded, no place to sit, and hard to talk. After a few plastic cups of green beer. We went across the street to Saltys where we could actually sit and talk. I kept ordering beer and had fun. Kevin was stressed from all the work he's been doing but every once in awhile would loosen up and have fun.

Things have been kinda of weird. Work consumes Kevin. He has a lot going on at his day job and they piss him off all the time and then he's working on getting his online rental business going when he is at home. I am trying my best to get along and be understanding of all his stress by TRYING to keep my tongue and comments to myself (not add fuel to his fire). It's really hard esp. when he can be passive-aggressive about things. Like the whole I'm not going out for St. Pattys anymore since you don't feel good even though i told you to take a nap but I'm mad about it...
Relationships are very hard for me. We all know that girl that HAS to be in a relationship well I'm the opposite of that girl.

I should be going over to his house tonight but I don't think it's fun sitting there watching TV while he works away on the computer. I want my fun Kevin back not this stressed out grumpy bear. However, I know if i don't start spending more time with him things will end. I'll have to suck it up and just go over there. Hmmm...better yet maybe I should just study for my test over there it's not like I'll have a lot of distractions.

It's time for me to step up and do my part of the good girlfriend.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm going green!

with beer that is!

I have never had green beer for St. Patricks Day before. Tomorrow night Kevin and I are going to go to a bar near where he lives for some green beer. A trolley runs near his place to one of his favorite bars. So nobody has to drive. I am looking forward to being drunk off my bum. ;-)

Have a fun and save St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need a sign

For the last couple of months I have felt turmoil in my life. I know things aren't that bad I have a job, I graduated from college, and I made it to thirty (woohoo). It's just that I have no idea what to do with my life. Shouldn't I feel more complete now that I am done with school? Instead I feel like I'm walking around like a lost puppy. I know for some this doesn't seem like a big deal since I don't have anything that requires me to do certain things. In a way I am like a free bird (okay what's with comparing my life to all these animals??? I think I've been around the kiddos at school for to long).

The thing is I don't know what I want: I don't know if I want to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong, I love working with the kids and getting to know them and figuring how to make them the best that they can be. I just do not know if I want to deal with the burocracy of the system. Maybe I am just frustrated that I haven't passed one of the tests, I am not sure. I would love to work in a classroom with a teacher. But to be honest (and I mean no offence with this) there is no way I'm going to work for $12 or $14 bucks per hour. Maybe if it wasn't just me relying on my income I would feel differently. Also, some schools I have visited these people are looked down upon. Sure they might not have the same qualifications as a teacher but they are there with the same goal and heart in mind (lets hope) and that is to help these kiddos grow and develop the best of THEIR ability.

Another thing I have been thinking about is buying my own house. I would have to start working a lot more. Do I want that. I actually (as weird and crazy as it seems for a 30 year old) like living at my parents house with my sister. I have my own space, I hardly have to do a thing, and I get to do what I want and all without having to pay a dime. I guess this makes me a freeloader. I spent my teens and early twenties running away from my parents and now they can't seem to get rid of me. However, with the housing market pretty much going back in time (one thing I had always regretted was not buying a house before the housing boom - even though I went looking with my parents) and now with these prices being at an all time low I should really get my feet in and jump into home ownership.

Lately I keep thinking about jobs that deal with accounting. Of course my education degree is not going to be sufficient enough although I wonder if my job would help me since I have a "little" bit of experience. Of course I could take classes at the community college and see what I think of them. I looked it up thought and it would take me about two-three years to get an accounting degree. I don't know if I want to invest that kind of energy.

Maybe I need to focus on family life. I started telling myself within the last year or so that I would adopt if I am not married with kids at the age of 38. I wouldn't want to adopt a baby. I don't believe that a kid needs to be biologically mine for me to give them a home, love, and help them grow. I use to watch Babystory and Adoption Stories on TLC. Adoptions Stories always made me tear eyed while Babystory never did. I always have wondered if that's a sign.

Of course I have also thought about buying a horse, planting a garden, foster caring for a great dane, and moving to another state or even into dad's empty ugly house on the other side of town within the last month.

Don't get me wrong I have been doing lots of fun things with all of my new found freedoms. I just don't know what to focus on, what path to take, or what I want to do with my life. :-

Sunday, March 8, 2009


When I was at the Personal Trainers for a makeup day on Friday she decided to measure me when my groups session was over.

I was nervous I have been eating better than I was before I started(but not as good as I should). The whole no wine and one cheat meal a week is not really something I believe in.... ;-)

I didn't want to hear what she was going to say, esp. since my weight hasn't changed too much.

To my shock I have lost inches in my chest, upper and lower waist, and things. WOOOHOOO
The only part that had no change was in my arms.

And the best part... she told me I'm doing great with my diet and to keep it up. ;-)

I have about 4 weeks left until I'm done with my contract. I really need to focus on eating right and getting to the gym more. There will probably not be many other times in my life where I have so little responsibility along with a lot of free time, so I need to take an advantage of it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty skin

I FINALLY decided to try Bare Minerals. I have been curious about Bare Minerals for awhile but it seemed pricey for the kit with those itty bitty bottles. However when the lady at Ulta told me I could return them I was SOLD. As soon as i got home i tried it on and I LOVED the way it made me look and feel. I still think it's great but I wish i felt that way i did every time as i did that first time.
I signed a contract for the personal trainer for 3 months. Now when I did this I was working a lot of hours. Now that I am working 10 hours a week at my old job and occasionally subbing I don't really have the money to extend my contract once I am done. I don't really know what I want to do. I want to lose weight so I look cute in my brides maids dress for Heathers wedding in Sept. I don't really want to work more hours to go to personal training plus it's not very fun going 3 nights out of the work week. I do have 6 weeks to figure out what to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watching some TV

Last week, I was sick and spent a few days in bed. One morning as I was flipping the channels one show had some fancy dogs on it. You can't see it but there is a very fluffy white dog on the screen. I love Deuce's interest to watching TV. Was there love in the air? I thought it was too cute to not capture so I got my cell phone and got this shot.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Give me 4 sets of 15

I don't even know where to start. So much has been going on...I've done some very cool things but have had some not so good things happen these past few weeks.

Sometimes I think this one is a positive and then other times I feel like what the heck was i thinking...
I started working with a personal trainer. I go three times a week to her studio. I don't think I have ever ran so much at one time in my life. My first session she took pictures of me. With my skin showing. Not sure if I will be showing anyone those once I get some "after" pictures to go with the "before" pictures. I can get embarrased easily so I don't know if i will actaully show anyone, unless I've had a few drinks and then whatever...who cares.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am "kinda" bummed. I finally got the test result back from the second test that I took on Sept. 20th (results come in 4 weeks but there was a big hold up with my groups test results). Today they finally posted the results. If you did not already figure it out I did NOT pass.
The cutoff score was 240 and I got a 238. So close. It's my own fault though I didn't start studying to the night before AND I rushed through the essays. I know if I had taken the time to write correctly and put more thought and effort into the answers I would have gotten enough points to pass (if you have been reading my blog you have probably notice that I am not a good writer and have horrible grammar - although I must give myself some props 10 years ago it was atrocious and I know "some" of the rules these days).

I already had signed up to take the next test anyhow. I guess it's nice to know that
a. the $100 fee isn't going to waste
b. I am really close to passing. I think I'd be uber stressed out if I needed to bring it up 40 points.

Now I have to get a substitute certificate that cost $60 to have for the next 6 weeks for my perm sub job at the Elem. school I'm at in Chandler.

I take the test in a few weeks AND if all goes well I'll have a passing score in February....

Sunday, January 4, 2009


For my birthday last month two great friends got me a treatment for the Dolce Salon and Spa. I was totally surprised and amazed. I went online and was checking out the website tonight. I clicked on offers... and for singing up I got to print out a $25 coupon. I am so excited! I cannot wait to go. I am going to wait a little while until I'm in need of lots of TLC.

I just got some great TLC when Michelle was in town and we went to Agave at the Kierland Resort and Spa. The treatments where amazing. Although my bank account is still mad at me. ;-)

My sister has been wonderful this weekend and helped me wash all of my clothes. I always feel like I never have clothes to wear. But apparently I just never had many "clean" clothes. I'd do my normal dark load and light load and just wear that stuff.

I have WAY to many clothes. I need to stop shopping and learn how to do more laundry. I might be getting a house next fall so I will need to learn fast, very fast. I am envious of people who can do so much on a small budget. I spend twice if not three times more and have nothing to show. It's pretty depressing when I think about it. I know all of the concepts but cannot seem to apply them. Of course I probably should have saved this last part for a different blog and not one that talked about going to the expensive spa for the posh treatments. ::shrug::

Okay, 2009 I will become more mature. But I think that is kinda of like saying I'm not going to age (since we kinda of mature as we age). Still it's something obtainable to work towards.