Thursday, March 24, 2011

What did I do to myself?

This will be short, since this is all being typed by my left thumb. On Tuesday I sliced my right thumb. I'll blog about it later on.

WARNING: pictures of my stitches are below.

My ugly thumb with 5 stitches! Still a little swollen.

This is as far as I can bend my thumb. I can only really bend the top part of my thumb.

See how much my left thumb can bend at the base. Yah can't do that with the right.

This has really slowed me down! I can't believe how slow some things take me or how hard some things are to do now.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

My new friend

Smells great! Can't wait to get it planted.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Every woMANS dream!

I finally got around to getting hooks for my man area to hang up my entire 5 tools.



My dad will be so proud!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enough said

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love my job

I really do love my job. It takes up a lot of my time but I love going to work. I am going to stress how much I do like being a teacher. Because the rest of my blog isn't going to seem like it. I really do love it.

Here is what I don't like about being a teacher. I am just finishing up my 2nd year. And this is the 2nd time I don't know if I will have a job next year. With the state making even more cuts to education. I don't know if they can afford to keep me on staff. And if I am one of the lucky ones that gets to stay I will either get paid less or if I am lucky I'll make the same amount. And to tell you the truth that really sucks. I've never had a job where each time it's time for a raise I hope to make the same amount of money. I've never had a job where you did not get at least an annual raise.

I know money is not everything. But my base salary is almost 5k less than what it was at my old job. And how long will it before I actually get a raise. I don't think I can do this for 5 years and never go up on the scale. I make extra money by working 2 hours after school, I went to a conference 3 days of my spring break just to make an extra $600. I'll spend 3 weeks of summer break to earn extra money.

Before I became a teacher I had a life. I went out and had fun. I went on a lot of fun trips. Now that I am a teacher I have no life. Teaching is pretty much all I do and it consumes my life. I work an average of 7:15-5:30 (when I do after school). I usually go in once on the weekend just to try to "catch up".

Having a job that is so rewarding intrinsically. Well is it worth it? I've always been obsessed with money.

And lately I've been wondering if I should choose a different career. I've been toying with the idea of going back to school and getting some prereqs out of the way in science and in math. And if I am able to do well in those areas look into pursuing a degree in Pharmacy. It would probably take me until I'm 40 to finish. Okay maybe it won't take me 8 years but it would be awhile.

I am thinking I might sign up to take one of the prereq courses this summer. And going from there.

I do love teaching. I just don't want to be dirt poor the rest of my life or have to work 10-12 hour days just to make ends meet. :-(

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. After writing about it I feel sad...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paint Colors

Those two little words stress me out. My goal today was to go and get a brown paint and to have one brown wall. That did not happen.

My furniture is black and my colors are brown with a light greenish/blue color.

Kitchen: either want to do a light all over Carmel color -or- one light greenish/blue wall and the rest the Carmel color -or- all over greenish/blue color.

Living room: dark brown on the wall by the kitchen. Part of that wall has a huge cut out so you can see into the kitchen. I want the rest of the walls the carmel color. There are two popouts (I don't know whatelse to call them) that are like an entry way arch down each hallway. I think iwant those popouts to be the same brown color or the blueish green color.

Hallways: both the camelish color.

Guest bathroom: light turquoise blue.

Laundry room: light yellow color.

Guest bedrooms: I am thinking of just finding colors that I love and match the rooms to the colors (this will be something way down the road).

Master bedroom: I really want to do a light gray color. I just don't think it will go with the rest of the house. I got a painting book and I loved a room that they had with light purple and white. It looked great against black furniture. I worry that i'll get sick of purple.

Master bedroom sitting room: I've kinda turned it into the office. I could do a fun color. It's kind of a darker room. It doesn't have a window it does have a sliding door but I have it all locked up so I don't ever have to worry about forgetting to lock it. I also keep the blinds closed so that room is always dark. A bright fun color that goes with the bedroom and bathroom color might be fun.

It will take me a long time to get this house painted. Even though it's small. The vaulted celings and all the little nitches and corners will be challenging for me.

I figure I'll do the house in parts. And I thought picking out a brown paint would be simple.

This is the brown color I liked earlier. I liked the 3rd lightest color for the carmelish color. And the 2nd darkest color for the brown. However when I looked at the colors compared to my chair cushions I didn't like them together. I am thinking I need to find more of a deeper darker brown to go with my color theme.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more paint adventurous.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am so excited about my new ring. It's a little bigger than I expected (since I bought it online). Can't wait to wear it on a hot date. Of course I'll probably be admiring it more then he will. ;-)

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break, already?

I cannot believe that it's already spring break. Yesterday I woke up with the urge to get the garage unpacked and organized. And if I don't get it done before the summer heat starts creeping around it won't get done.

I've made a lot of progress.

When I first moved in there was barely enough room to pull the car in and open the car. Now there is lots of room.

It looks so much better bt I Can't wait until the garage is done!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I don't do diets

They're just not for me. In life i don't like restrictions or not being able to do something. And in the case of a diet not be able to eat something.

Recently I gave up drinking sugar free energy drinks. It was a staple of my morning rountine. It was how I functioned. It was how I was able to smile and be civil early in the mornings. In other words it was a bad habit, my drug of choice. I didn't always drink energy drinks. And really when it comes down to it how can something that color be good for your body. Regarless of how many vitamins they cram onto the cans label.
And what I have learned since I stopped drinking them is I can function and be a nice person in the mornings without them. Good ridence!

This past week an Atkins commercial came on. For some reason I decided to check it out. Now I've always thought adkins was ridiculous and the reasons for that was an old coworker would do the diet. They would eat things like mounds or whipcream and dozens of slices of peporoni. They never ate vegtables or fruit. So this caused me to think the diet was absurded.
Well, when I looked up the information on Atkins I soon realized that the person I use to work with made their own varation of it and not really what the program promotes.
I'm going to try the program. I need to do a little more research to start the induction stage. I'm pretty excited to begin.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Change In The Yard

Saturday I woke up early and went to HomeDepot. It was time to dig up the huge weed in the backyard that I've been watering. I found this cute guy.

A Roryal Robe Potatoe Bush. Apparently it can be trained to a tree form. I don't think the dog liked having this in the front seat with him.

It was horrible getting the weed out but I finally got it. The bush looks so small here.

I also bought these pretty things.

And now if I can just get the
to stay this way I'll be a happy girl.

I'm slowly working on turning the patio into an inviting place but right now it's a dog napping area.

I would like to replace some plants in the backyard. I would still like low water plants but want some flowers and a little cohesiveness. Next week is spring break and I can't decide if I should spend the last couple days painting or working on the yard.

And here is a picture I snapped a few weekends ago of Deuce. He likes to drag his big stuffed toys outside. It gets old when he tries to take all 4 of them out each weekend. Apparently one needed it's own bed.

And l can't leave the other dog out since he now lives with me fulltime. I got this pic the same weekend. Probably right after I brought in some of the big toys. Looks pretty comfy (he's the black in the pile).

I like when I'm able to capture these moments.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tree is down

The tree came down last weekend. I can now keep my front shutters open! I don't think ill be getting a tree next year. Maybe a tiny one would be doable.

And in it's place is a treadmill that my grandma gave me. I had been thinking about buying one so I was so excited when she offered to give me her treadmill.
The family brought it over this weekend. I've tried the treadmill twice now. It works for a whole thirty seconds and then the belt slows way down and then stops...
I don't think I have the heart to tell grandma she gave me a broken treadmill.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where are all the days going?

I've really been neglecting my blog. It's already March and I have not blogged once this year.

So I think I might have met a guy. I'm really excited. It's been awhile since I've been excited by any guys. I don't want to say too much because it's still so early. But, hopefully there will be future updates. :-)

One of my boys broke my heart today. His mom died when he was younger. He will talk to me about his mom, things she would buy, do, say, one time we were on a field trip he saw an angel and told me that was what his mom looked like. Today he finished his center and told me he wrote about his mom (something he decided to write about himself). He was his normal self after center. Fast foward mins and my class was outside lined up for lunch. I had to go back in the room to see why he wasn't out there. He was in the corner balling his eyes out. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I miss my mom". It was hard to hold back the tears. I told him to give me a big hug and asked him if he wanted to hold my hand to lunch. We held hands and walked to lunch talking about his mom and how it's okay to feel sad.

No child should lose a parent and no parent should lose a child.