Sunday, November 14, 2010

It has been a journey

I finally have my house! It became official on Friday. It's the same house I tried to buy back in July. It went from private sale to estate sale to short sale to a forclosure. It went back on the market as a forclosure in September. Since a lot of things had gotten taken care of the first time (apprisal, inspection, etc.). I had hoped to move in before the 10/27 (close of escrow). 10/27 came and went and their were issues all around (things with the recorder, things not turned on, seller issues, and the lender I was using the first time around went out of buisness).
I gave my 30 day notice for my rental but was not really sure if the house was going to happen. Thankfully FannieMae gave several extensions. And buying the house (upgrades and in great condition) as a forclosure saved me almost 20k! :-)
There were a few times I was mad that my agent hadn't noticed that it was a preforclosure. I saw something about it on the mls website under the tax links but didn't really know what it meant or thought to ask. But, if things hadn't of happened how they did I probably would not have gotten the house.
I was hoping to have 5 weeks to move and now I have 2 1/2. Now it's time for the fun to begin.
Every time I go over to my new house I like it more and more. It still doesn't seem like it's mine.