Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm here!

How is it already July? Seriously? No, really? School starts back up in about 2 weeks. I cannot believe it. I had a list of things that I was going to do this summer. I haven't even started it yet! Yikes. But, lets not talk about it anymore. I don't want to feel unproductive.
I decided to sign up for this math project. I don't know who but someone is giving me lots of money to do this. The only downfall is that next week I have to give up my whole week to learn about math. And during the school year once a month I have to give up an entire Saturday and one day a month 4 hours after school.
Monday should be very interesting. My sleep schedule is backwards. I went to Vegas at the beg. of July and ever since then my sleep has been very abnormal. My normal hours right now are 730am-300pm. Yes, while most of the world is out at work I am in bed snoozing away. Then I stay up all night. It's very crazy. But, one nice thing is going outside at 6 to do yard stuff. Monday morning I need to leave the house at 730 am. Again Monday is going to be a very interesting day.
I have some new things that I'm implementing into my life. One of them I have to re-start.
1. I am doing an organization program to get things in order. Right now it's just a transition so I have different things to do each day.
2. Not spending any money unless it's something I need, not want.

Guess which one is harder?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I made it

Today was the last day of school. The rowdy boys wore me out but I made it. I had 6 sweet and lovely girls and 15 boys ( 9 who were handfuls and they fed of each other). My class this year has been a lot of fun and very entertaining. It will be nice to see my students next year (I'm looking forward to it) and it will be even better knowing they now belong to another teacher.

Next years 1st grade class is small and they are so friendly, calm, and sweet (they wave and try to hug us). I cannot wait!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Can Do It!

I love 1st graders! Mostly because the kids crack me up.

I was putting together my students writing folders. I came across one of the district writing samples that we have.

Their promt was to write about going to the park.

One of my boys wrote.

My mom can do it.
My grandma can do it.
My dad can do it.
He can do it.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

2-weeks Ago

Was the week of weird things being said to me.

I was talking to some teachers at work after our school carnival. One asked me if I was a lesbian after I said I wasn't really interested in dating men.

And a guy on a dating site wrote me and told me I was getting kinda of old to have kids. That I'm more at risk for having a kid with downs.

I'd like to think that there is a guy out there for me, you know one that wants to be with a lesbian that's going to have a downs baby! ;-)

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Keeping The Sun Out

When I got home from work on Friday. I came out to the back yard to water the flowers. And I got the urge to wash all the screens and sunscreens. Although my house is small I've got 12 windows. It took awhile to get them washed, dried, popped, or clipped into place. I didn't start out planning on doing the whole house. All the screens and shades where in the garage leaded against the wall and I didn't really know what was out.

One of the biggest windows is my bedroom window. So I found the big sunshades and pulled them out. I washed them. Then I took one to the window and it was way too big. I was very confused by this. After all this is my biggest window. That night I learned that they make shades for patio doors. They had to be screwed in and well I wasn't sure how they work so I put then aside and went to find smaller ones for the bedroom.

I figured out the bedroom windows. And from there I was able to narrow down what went there. I just kept narrowing down sizes and what went where until they were all up. Now I know that I have 6 different sized windows. A few days ago I would have said 3.
I got them all up. I didn't get then ad clean as I wanted. But my mom said they are very hard to clean.
Saturday I woke up and figured out how the sunscreens go on the sliding doors.
I am very proud of myself for doing this. Which may seem silly to most people. I just don't do stuff like this. I call my mom or dad (depending on what it is) and they do it for me. Parents always do things better! I need to grow up at some point and learn to do things on my own. It was hard work but since I got them all up correctly it feels good to have done it on my own. Mom was pretty surprised and I'd like to think she was proud of me for doing it on my own.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not again!

Over the weekend I went and got a pedicure with a friend. And I forgot to close the bedroom door. Someone went to town on the blinds in the office area on the door that leads to the backyard. He left about half of them up.

Now both doors have no blinds or half. I will replace the blinds in my office area, since the dogs usually don't have access to that room when I'm not home (as long as I remember to close the door when I leave). In the living room I think I'm going to have to put up curtains. Def. not something I ever thought about. But, obviously we can no longer handle having blinds up. Until I decide what to do and find something that I like I have hung up a sheet.

I only have two sheets that I can use for the doors (unless I have some in one of the many unpacked boxes). I had one of the sheets in my bedroom area on the window to block some of the light, even with the blinds that came with the house a lot of light came in. I had to take that one so I had a little more privacy incase someone was peeking over the fence (yah I'm slightly paranoid about weird stuff).

I was able to take a fitted sheet and hook it to the top of the window and the bottom window sill. Makes me laugh when I walk in. Like a bed on the wall. It works until I get blinds for that room. I don't even know if you do curtains and blinds together.

(excuse the black and white dog butt).

And instead of improving the house to make it better we are regressing. Winning!

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Monday, April 18, 2011


I pretty much have a job for next year. Nice that I don't need to figure out something else. It will be my 3rd year and still no raise. I no money isn't everything, but it's a little important.

I have started thinking in my head a plan to make more money without having to go back to school and start back over. Other states pay teachers 10k more on average. So I am thinking of moving. We're talking an extra 800 a month. Why should I not try for that. And I am single!

Here is my plan:

If I am at my school for 4 years or more if you give your notice early enough they will pay you for all the sick days you haven't used (currently I have 16 days of sick time).

If you have the state retirement for 5 years on top of what you put in you will get 25% of what the school contributed (and they currently contribute 100% of the 9% we put in).
* 6 years you get 40%
* 7 years you get 55%

I would keep this house. I bought it planning to hang on to it. And for how cheap it was will make it a lot easier.

What I don't know is if I will rent it or keep it and stay in it when I come back during the summers. If I want any extra spending money I think my only option would be renting. But it would be cool to have a home to stay in when coming back to AZ.

My friend is moving to another state, she is hoping this summer. So, this has got the wheels turning in my head.

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