Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love keeping a blog. When I was younger there was a few times that I attempted to keep a diary. Which I will read every so often and they are entertaining because it's back when I was a teen so the books are crazy and full of hormones. I was just never the diary type. But, I'm the blogging type. Go figure! What is really so different about keeping a blog versus keeping a diary? I relish in being able to go back and relive how I was feeling or something that happened. I can be rather lazy about blogging. Probably about 4-6 times a week I tell myself I'm going to blog about this or post a picture about something. Those usually go on the back burner and never end up making the blog for whatever reason.

Last Saturday I went to two Halloween parties with a bro ho, sexy mob boss, and 50's girl, . The 2nd one was out of this world. They went all out and easily put over a 100+ man hours into everything. The back yard had a haunted house and was complete with a bar tender. Inside there was a live band and the entire house was decorated from ceiling to the floor. Things where blocked off and made into walls. I was going to dress up as a run-a-way bride (wedding dress and sneakers) but I couldn't find a wedding dress. I ended up finding a long light blue brides maids' dress and wore that put my hair up with a sparkly light blue headband that Shaunna had. I walked around and told people my name was Cindy (since I was Cinderella).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A girls 2nd best friend

I got roses delivered to my school from Kevin. Aren’t they beautiful? I was totally shocked. I was also turning red as all the kids were crowded around the roses saying things like:

Miss R has a boyfriend.
Miss R is in love.
What’s his name?
Is he cute?
Miss R can I be your flower girl?
Miss R kissed a boy
Wow, you got candy too (from the student touching the flower food packet)
Miss R is getting married.
Miss R is going to have kids.

Those are the ones that I could remember. I think I was red for about 5 minutes and my kiddos were going bananas… it was cute and slightly embarrassing – but oh so worth it to get flowers!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am looking forward to my kids coming back to school tomorrow. I haven't seen them in over 2-weeks and miss all of them!!! I keep thinking about them. And even had dreams that they came back to school and wouldn't listen to me.... but i know that's not going to happen - since they think I'm so great (or at least they pretend like I am!). ;-)

So, tonight I cannot move back into my room. I'm so sad. They didn't end up finishing my room last night and it has to set for a day. Tomorrow is going to be awesome - get to move back into my room and see all my kiddos.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm exhausted. I am sick of tired of not having a room or a bed. I have literally been sleeping like a dog the past 5 nights. I'm tired of hearing people snore too! Tomorrow will be my first day to be able to go back into my room and sleep on a real bed. Getting new floors is a pain in the arse!

I had thought I had this brilliant plan. I got hotel reservations and got my dog set up for doggy day camp. That didn't work out because Deuce hated the hotel. So, we came back home the first night around midnight and then the next day I went back and checked out early. Sleeping in a hotel and doggy day camp sounded like the perfect fix to not having a bed. Apparently I was the only one to think so. I shouldn't complain too much because it did save me a few hundred dollars that I didn't really have for that. But, now I'm physically "paying" for it because i feel like crap-o-la. YAWN!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Magic Pills?

So, I was just looking at my myspace page. At the top of the page they have advertisements. I looked at it quickly and thought to myself "i look cute in that pic".
Then i realized it wasn't me.
Then i realized it was one of those 'lets lose weight pictures'.
(It was the "before" picture)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Official

I applied 3 weeks ago to start my grad program this spring at ASU. I was nervous because I applied after the deadline. I got accepted and will start working on my masters in a few months!!!! I am a very happy girl.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Girls Weekend

I just got back late last night from visiting Michelle. It was so much fun. Thanks for everything i had such a blast!!!

Friday night I flew into Portland. The next day we woke up early to drive over to the winery's (and stay the night). I had never gone to a winery before and it was so much fun. The first place we went to we learned the "foreplay" of drinking wine. The next day we went to a movie theater that serves adult drinks and real food. This was very exciting for me. Monday we went to the waterfalls. There were several of them and they were beautiful. We hiked up a step path to one and were able to go behind it (so cool).

Saturday at our first winery (Erath)


(Horse Tail Falls)

(Michelle is attempting to take a picture of us Multonomah Falls is behind us).

P.S. Michelle told me for my Birthday she will take me anywhere her airlines flies. I have been checking out the map and there are so many fun options - what's a girl to do?