Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - 2009

I now work 10 hours a week. You would think I would have all this extra time and I would be bored out of my mind. But, that is not the case. I can’t even tell you what I have been doing.

I knew at the beginning of 2008 that this past year would be a big year for me. I finished my undergraduate degree. I graduated with honors from Arizona State University. I turned 30! I met a great and amazing guy. I got the job that I have been wanting for a long time with very little effort on my part. I went on a few great trips (Vegas, San Francisco, and Austin). Applied and got accepted into a masters program at ASU. Got a passing test score for one of my state tests (still waiting for the other one…still keeping my fingers crossed). Got to spend some time with some old friends and created some new friendships. Became more responsible (but I think that ties in with graduating). Being content on my life choices and not worrying about the path I have taken thus far.

2009 brings some more good things. I will have my very first classroom. Going on some more great trips Greece with Michelle and Sarah and going RVing with Kevin to Oklahoma to visit his brothers and dad over the 4th of July. I will be a bride’s maid in my sisters Heathers wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden. Getting to see Heather! I look forward to what else 2009 has in store for me.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I walked

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to my graduation. When I think back to my High School graduation, I won't even mention what year that was, it was super long and I was sick. Needless to say I didn't think very fondly of it.
I am glad that I decided last minute to go to my college graduation. It turned out really nice and it was fun to have my family, boyfriend, and a close friend there on Friday to help me celebrate my accomplishment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I bought Britney Spears tickets. I am embarrassed how much I spent for the two tickets. However, I cannot wait to see her. ;-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bump in the Evening

On Friday evening I was heading south on the 101 to go to a Birthday dinner with some friends at P.F. Changs. As I was driving to Chandler in slow motion the cars in front of me slammed on their breaks. Two of the cars have to swerve into the car pool lane. I quickly reacted to what was going on and when I knew I was in the clear I checked my review mirror. The car behind me was not too close. But I saw the car driving quickly to my car and then I felt and heard a loud bang and my purse and everything on my seat flew to the floor.

At this point I was a little panic and my first natural reaction was to take off my seat belt as I’m driving on the freeway and trying to make it over to the side of the freeway to stop. Take off my seat belt? WTH, i’m totally a seat belt natzi and always wear mine and it drives me crazy when someone is in the car and you have to ask them to put there’s on. So, that was my first reaction to being hit. I then sat in my car and called 9-1-1. I didn’t know what to do so she connected me to highway patrol and I asked the lady what do I do, do I sit in my car or do I get out? She told me whatever I was comfortable with.

Now about a year ago there was something on the freeway and the guy got out of his car and got hit. The news kept saying that’s not what you do. I’m thinking well this is 9-1-1 clearly she wouldn’t be telling me something unsafe to do, correct? After I called 9-1-1 I texted message people and told them “I just got re-ended on the freeway”.

During this entire time the car that hit me pulled behind my car and he just stayed in his car. Um, he hit me why isn’t he running or coming to my car to make sure everything is okay?

After I called the police and texted message my friends and family I got out of my car and looked at my bumper. I kind of felt silly for calling the police when I saw my bumper. The damage is not very visible. Since I’m so short I was able to see that the underneath of my bumper is cracked. I then walk over to the guys car. He rolls down his window a little bit and he’s talking to someone on the phone. After a few seconds I am now starting to feel a little annoyed:

A – he hits my car and shakes me up
B – he doesn’t come to make sure I am okay (not that I’m looking for the damsel in distress situation but still)
C – I go over to talk to him and he’s talking to someone on the phone

Luckily, he said a few seconds later to who he was talking with “I gotta go”. So, I felt much better and didn’t have to bust out any of my kung-foo karate moves. I told him that someone is on their way for the report. And then told him I was going to go back and sit in my car.

When I got back to the car I called Kevin. He wasn’t far behind me on the freeway so he stopped to help. When Kevin got there I got back out of my car and went over to him and the guy got out too. He told me to just get his information and that I didn’t need to file a report.

Right about this time the policeman shows up. He kept telling us that we needed to get back in our cars. Okay, this is what I originally thought but why is the dispatch operator telling me I can do whatever I’m comfortable with? I certainly don’t want to put my life in danger and I’m comfortable going over and talking to someone who hit me.
At this point Kevin is trying to help me. Kevin had just gotten a flat tire so he needed to fix that. The officer is kind of separating Kevin and I and standing by Kevin to make sure he fixes his tire. He keeps telling Kevin I’ll help her, but he doesn’t really help me. I keep walking over to find out what I need to be writing down for the guy. The guy finally tells me that he would prefer to just give me cash. I kind of ignore him. I don’t really want cash. Later he tells me again that he can give me cash and that he has $10,000 but he doesn’t think it will be that much.

This is when I started feeling bad for the guy. He’s probably all of 20-22, kind of shy, and kind of intimidated from the whole situation. There is really not that much damage to my car. There is none to his. I personally would rather go through insurance because I want to get my car fixed. If I go and get an estimate and he gives me cash. I know I’m not going to end up getting it done and will just deposit the money into one of my accounts… L

I hate being in this situation. I feel guilty that he hit me – and why? I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know why I should I didn’t do anything wrong but he seems like a young guy and I feel bad that he has to give me his money that he probably worked hard for. I hate that I’m going to be given money and then won’t use it to fix my car. I hate that I now have to take time out of my life to follow through on all of this stuff (go get an estimate, call him, meet up with him).

I do like the fact that if I am ever involved in an accident, I know exactly what to do.

And after all of this I still made it to P.F. Changs on time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I did it!

Friday was the last thing I had to do for school. It was mostly just an ending celebration. When it was over the realization set in as I was walking to my car. I am done! I have finally finished and a college graduate (well not on paper yet). I am so proud of myself. I won't be able to enjoy my new freedom of being "done" for too long I am starting school next month. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one won't take me as long. ;-)

Today was my big 30th Birthday. My sister whose in Germany left me a vm today. It was so good to hear her voice. I got sung a New Kids on the Block song about how I'm not that old. Super sweet Michelle. And the the other well wishes that I received made me feel lucky that I have such good friends. I am a lucky girl! Kevin took me out last night and we had lots of drinks. It was a lot of fun. He got me some beautiful earrings. Thanks Kevin! Tonight went out for the birthday dinner family. And Friday night Shaunna and Angie are taking me out. A week of Birthdays, what could be better?

Ahhh the decade of the 30's it seems i have a lot of things to look forward to: wrinkles, grey hairs, and gravity. Lucky me! My future brother-in-laws sister told me that 30 is the new 20. I'd like to believe that's true. :-)

I did it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Gift

You know that whole awkward stage in the very beginning of a relationship where your not sure where it's headed? I don't like it one bit. I hate the uneasiness of okay am I single or what? Now that the weird stage is over I feel more comfortable talking about it. Kevin has been my boyfriend for little over a month now. He is great! I feel lucky and happy to have him in my life. He even lets me keep a dog bed at his place and a toy so I can bring Deuce, my larger than life dog, when I go over there. Now that I've filled in all the details here is my problem. Well it's not really a problem.

With Christmas coming up I have no idea what to do. He asked me what I wanted for birthday, graduation, and Christmas not too long ago. I have no idea. I like to be surprised. What he said got me thinking. I finally thought to ask him what he wanted for Christmas. He told me he already has everything he wants. Well Hmmm... Then I thought I had the perfect idea. Instead of exchanging presents I asked him if he would want to go to the mall and get a Christmas Angel and we can buy a needy child a gift instead. He told me he would love to do that and also said that this is our first Christmas together. So, now I have no clue what I should do. Right now he's out of town on business so I'll probably just ask him when I get back. Part of me thinks that in addition to the Christmas Angel gift that I should also get him something thoughtful. And what do guys really find thoughtful? Did I mention that I am not good at buying man presents? Any ideas?? Anyone???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working Girl

I had my screening interview with the Chandler school district today. I must be naive because I didn't think it was going to be a "real" interview since it's for a site-based sub based on if you were a great student teacher. Good thing i was dressed for it because i had a real interview. I left feeling a little funny. I liked the answers I gave but I don't know I guess everything suddenly seems real. Sometimes i wonder where my head is at. What was I thinking?

I decided to work full-time at my paying job. I haven't worked 40 hours a week in several years. It's so boring and the time drags. I miss student teaching. The time went by so fast and I was always talking and laughing. At my paying job you get looked at if you talk too much. I am looking forward to my first real pay check and having some money to "not pay the IRS" haha. ;-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Life gave me a lemon.

There is no point to being mad because well really what good is that going to do? Other than put me in a bad mood when it’s outside of my control.

I got a letter in the mail from the IRS. I had to call them and it turns out that they didn’t get my taxes this year. Because they were not received they are deemed late. Not only am I being charged fees and interest but I don’t get the stimulus check because I didn't "file in time". What I owed was pretty much what the check was for so I didn’t think much about it. So free money is bye-bye (unless it suddenly gets found with the post mark date on it), i still owe, accrued interest, and have a penalty fee...this just plain sucks. I guess I should have looked into this when the checks were issued since the last 4- of my social starts with a 0. This is sure a crappy learning experience.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was going to blog about something. And now that I’m at a PC to type I can not remember what I was going to blog about. How poor I am? I’m about to graduate? Seeing the movie Twilight? Going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with the family tonight? Cleaning my car? None of these really seem blog worthy today.

I have 3 more days with my 3rd graders. I am really going to miss them. I have become attached to each of them. Last week I kept getting mobs of hugs. It was nice but at the same time it was difficult because we had lots of work to do. I am going to miss my mentor teacher. She is amazing. I really got lucky being placed with her. I am thinking about getting her a $20 gift card to Starbucks and then some roses/flowers. I don’t know nothing seems amazing enough on a shoe-string budget. For my students I am giving them a little goody bag with a special pencil, eraser, and then a message about what I liked about them (to make it more personalized). I might put a few other small things. 3rd graders go through pencils and erasers so quickly, I think they must eat them. ;-)

Yesterday Mom, Kim and, I spent the whole afternoon and evening shopping. It was a lot of fun. We went to 3 places to do brides maid dress shopping. We went to three places a boutique, David’s Bridal, and Aztec. They were not close together so I decided the route we would go first. I made the mistake of going to the Scottsdale place first. Since it was a boutique they had maybe 50-75 brides’ maid’s dresses in one size. There was no way I was going to fit my butt or boobs or anything for that matter into them so Kim tried them all on. There were about 20 that we liked and she tried on. We ended up with 2 that we loved and 2 that we liked. One of the 2 we liked was a Vera Wang, so this is what the other dress shops were being compared to. Next we went to the Aztec Place and I felt so out of place. I did not like it there at all! We didn’t try anything on. Last we went to David’s Bridals. Now I thought there stuff looked cheap when we went to the Bridal Expo and saw the stuff on the runway models. Kim and I tried on dresses at the same time. I was in-between sizes so that kind of sucked. One size I couldn’t zip up and the next size up I was falling out of everywhere. I think we liked 2 dresses. They really have strange stuff. D.B was alright. I don’t really want to wear anything from there. The 2 dresses that we liked from the first stop I need to try something on closer in my size so we can see how it fits me.

It kind of drives me nuts because every place we go to do wedding stuff mom has to tell the person how the bride is in Germany and won’t be back until July. Why this is true we hardly get any service or taken seriously. I keep getting mad at mom and telling her not to say it. She always says she knows but hopes they will feel sorry for her. I finally told her they don’t, they are picturing Heather to be like the typical bride who has to have everything their way, and that’s so not Heather. Kim and I are pretty much in-charge of everything (except the billing…lol) because we have no problem making executive decisions in Heathers behalf. Mom on the other hand cannot handle it. What is the big deal? It’s kind of fun planning a wedding. Although I’ve never been one of those girls that dreams about their own weddings and even being immersed in the wedding culture I haven’t gotten on the wedding bandwagon (for myself). Although I am super excited to go to Heathers wedding, it is going to be so much fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A lot is going on

The program I am in at ASU the school district hires site based substitute for the spring semester. If you do a great job at the school you are assigned to you will get a teaching job in the fall. This is very nice because you don’t have to go searching for a job or stress about finding one. I received a letter at the school inviting me to go to a meeting for the site based sub. This is exactly what I wanted! I go and meet with them the first week in December and if all goes well they will hire me.

There are two tests that have to be taken to get your teaching certificate once you have your degree. I took both tests on 9/20. The scores are posted a month later on 10/20. I passed one of my tests. The other one I am still waiting to find out the results, I finally got an e-mail this past week that said the Department of Education is meeting on 12/08 to approve the cutoff scores and it will then take a week to find out the results. Almost 3 months to find out seems a little excessive. I have a feeling that I’ll be retaking that test. Of course that’s what I thought about the other test since I rushed through it and stopped reading some of the answers. But since I passed it I am feeling more optimistic about the 2nd one.

This past week I went to a bridal expo. My sister is getting married next September and since she’s in Germany until July Mom, Kim and I are helping her plan it. It was kind of fun seeing the bridal fashion show. Okay more like it was fun seeing these ridiculous dresses and colors the models came out with. One of the models kept having wardrobe malfunctions. The next day we went and met with the even planner. I met mom and Kim at the place and before we headed inside Kim gave me a card that came in the mail. I saw that it was from Chris (my future brother-in-law). I figured it was some save the date card so I was annoyed that Kim wanted me to open it then and brought it (since that could wait I know when the wedding is). She told me to still open it. I pull out the card and there is a pretty pink dress on the front (so unlike Heather, she’s more of the tom-boy in the family) and it says “will you be my Bridesmaid?” and in the inside Chris wrote for Heather (again she’s in Germany) “Surprise!!! My day just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t a part of it! Love, Heather”.

That was so sweet and what a nice surprise. I love being surprised especially when I’m getting annoyed or mad and realize I’m being dumb. I thought it was super sweet that Chris helped Heather (I was telling and showing Kevin and he didn’t think it was that sweet... so I kept trying to explain it…men!). I am so glad that she asked me. Kim of course had to read what mine said right away to compare. Now after becoming a bride’s maid and meeting with the even planner I am so excited for this wedding!

I started feeling like I was getting sick on Thursday and sure enough I am now sick. I went to student teaching yesterday (I haven’t called out one day the whole semester that would look super bad on my behalf) and the kids kept trying to give me remedies. It’s kind of sweet but I am not taking heath advice from an 8 year old.

Here is a funny story from interning. Last week I was teaching my students to, too, and two for language arts. We talked about what they mean. When I was having them do guided practice from their books. I would read the sentence and they would write the answer on their mini white boards.

I read from their books:

I went (to) the mall.
Can I have (two) plumbs?
May I have more ice-cream, too?

One of my boys raises his hand and says – Um Miss R you are giving us the answers! ;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We've been waiting for the movie for how long?

This hasn't been my first blog. But it's the only one I use because I will not blog on myspace and the others ones didn't feel right (someday I need to move all my old blogs over to hear).

I was reading a blog about the Twilight movie and it made me want to find my old blog. I included a link to my old blog about who the author would have play Edward. I'd have to agree with Stephanie Meyer on this and here is the PERFECT EDWARD . Isn't he dreamy? Ahhhh...

100th Post

I voted. I didn’t really want to vote for either candidate. I ended up voting based on who I thought has a better education plan (even thought I think both need some major improvements).

Now, I have never been at a school on voting day. Today was my first day. If you went and voted at a school or are a parent who had it held out your child’s school we should outraged.

With all the weird people out there these days why are we allowing them to come on to school property to allow them to vote?

(Yes, the public owns the schools. But, any other day the teachers and staff know who is on campus and adults coming to the campus have to get a badge from the front office to be on campus). In my first 5 minutes of walking to my classroom this morning I saw so many adults that I did not know. Now I know that most of the public are good people. But, what freaks me out about having the voting polls at our schools is that any sort of predator can come to our school and walk around without anyone trying to figure out who they are and what they are doing there. Some of these people used the kid’s bathrooms today!

Kids feel safe at school and usually trust the adults that are in their schools. I could go up to any kid at the school and ask them to come with me. In an era where we are all about safety and the safety of our children why are we allowing voting to happen during school hours? Sure the chances are slim for something to happen. And one could argue that it could happen any day. However, I think a day like today makes it too easy and something happening to one child is too much of a risk.

Perhaps every election day I’ll feel a pit in my stomach and be extra protective of my students if I’m a teacher working in a school that has the public come in for voting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

30, flirty, and thriving?

Where is the year going? I cannot believe it's already November. In a month I am going to be 30, I've been preparing for it all year. But, it doesn't still seem real. There are a lot of things going on in November and December and I'm not including the holidays!

Shaunna and I are doing a joint "30" birthday party.
I end student teaching
Graduation (that didn't take forever)
My actual Birthday

I can't decide if I want to go to the graduation ceremony. Shaunna keeps telling me I need to do it. Did you go to your college graduation ceremony? Wish that you hadn't???

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love keeping a blog. When I was younger there was a few times that I attempted to keep a diary. Which I will read every so often and they are entertaining because it's back when I was a teen so the books are crazy and full of hormones. I was just never the diary type. But, I'm the blogging type. Go figure! What is really so different about keeping a blog versus keeping a diary? I relish in being able to go back and relive how I was feeling or something that happened. I can be rather lazy about blogging. Probably about 4-6 times a week I tell myself I'm going to blog about this or post a picture about something. Those usually go on the back burner and never end up making the blog for whatever reason.

Last Saturday I went to two Halloween parties with a bro ho, sexy mob boss, and 50's girl, . The 2nd one was out of this world. They went all out and easily put over a 100+ man hours into everything. The back yard had a haunted house and was complete with a bar tender. Inside there was a live band and the entire house was decorated from ceiling to the floor. Things where blocked off and made into walls. I was going to dress up as a run-a-way bride (wedding dress and sneakers) but I couldn't find a wedding dress. I ended up finding a long light blue brides maids' dress and wore that put my hair up with a sparkly light blue headband that Shaunna had. I walked around and told people my name was Cindy (since I was Cinderella).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A girls 2nd best friend

I got roses delivered to my school from Kevin. Aren’t they beautiful? I was totally shocked. I was also turning red as all the kids were crowded around the roses saying things like:

Miss R has a boyfriend.
Miss R is in love.
What’s his name?
Is he cute?
Miss R can I be your flower girl?
Miss R kissed a boy
Wow, you got candy too (from the student touching the flower food packet)
Miss R is getting married.
Miss R is going to have kids.

Those are the ones that I could remember. I think I was red for about 5 minutes and my kiddos were going bananas… it was cute and slightly embarrassing – but oh so worth it to get flowers!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am looking forward to my kids coming back to school tomorrow. I haven't seen them in over 2-weeks and miss all of them!!! I keep thinking about them. And even had dreams that they came back to school and wouldn't listen to me.... but i know that's not going to happen - since they think I'm so great (or at least they pretend like I am!). ;-)

So, tonight I cannot move back into my room. I'm so sad. They didn't end up finishing my room last night and it has to set for a day. Tomorrow is going to be awesome - get to move back into my room and see all my kiddos.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm exhausted. I am sick of tired of not having a room or a bed. I have literally been sleeping like a dog the past 5 nights. I'm tired of hearing people snore too! Tomorrow will be my first day to be able to go back into my room and sleep on a real bed. Getting new floors is a pain in the arse!

I had thought I had this brilliant plan. I got hotel reservations and got my dog set up for doggy day camp. That didn't work out because Deuce hated the hotel. So, we came back home the first night around midnight and then the next day I went back and checked out early. Sleeping in a hotel and doggy day camp sounded like the perfect fix to not having a bed. Apparently I was the only one to think so. I shouldn't complain too much because it did save me a few hundred dollars that I didn't really have for that. But, now I'm physically "paying" for it because i feel like crap-o-la. YAWN!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Magic Pills?

So, I was just looking at my myspace page. At the top of the page they have advertisements. I looked at it quickly and thought to myself "i look cute in that pic".
Then i realized it wasn't me.
Then i realized it was one of those 'lets lose weight pictures'.
(It was the "before" picture)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Official

I applied 3 weeks ago to start my grad program this spring at ASU. I was nervous because I applied after the deadline. I got accepted and will start working on my masters in a few months!!!! I am a very happy girl.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Girls Weekend

I just got back late last night from visiting Michelle. It was so much fun. Thanks for everything i had such a blast!!!

Friday night I flew into Portland. The next day we woke up early to drive over to the winery's (and stay the night). I had never gone to a winery before and it was so much fun. The first place we went to we learned the "foreplay" of drinking wine. The next day we went to a movie theater that serves adult drinks and real food. This was very exciting for me. Monday we went to the waterfalls. There were several of them and they were beautiful. We hiked up a step path to one and were able to go behind it (so cool).

Saturday at our first winery (Erath)


(Horse Tail Falls)

(Michelle is attempting to take a picture of us Multonomah Falls is behind us).

P.S. Michelle told me for my Birthday she will take me anywhere her airlines flies. I have been checking out the map and there are so many fun options - what's a girl to do?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008



On Saturday it was my wonderful friend Michelle's 29th Birthday. Michelle and I have been friends since before we could drive cars. We met at church and ended up going to the same High School. I have had so much fun over the years with her and I am lucky that we are still such good friends. Even though Michelle has moved up to Portland we still see each other a lot (wish it was more). She has taken me on some amazing trips. We have gone to some amazing resort spas. We have found some killer deals shopping together. I could keep going...

Everything we do together is fun from a casual dinner at the O.G. to going to L.A. for lunch because Elija Wood was on that plane to L.A. Thanks for always being such a kick a$$ friend. :-)

I am excited to come and visit you this weekend. See you Friday!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First impressions

Last night I met Kevin a guy that I had been talking to from the dating site that I'm on. The plan was to take Deuce for a walk at the park and then see a movie. Deuce and I met him at the movie theater and then I drove us to the park in my car. A storm was coming in and luckily it was only windy. After we walked around the park. We were driving to take Deuce back home and go and see the movie.
I just crossed the intersection of Guadalupe and my car died... As my car was slowly coming to a stop I got into the other lane and pulled onto a street (the car died in a pretty good spot). I called my dad and after a few attempts he finally answers. Dad and mom both came to get us and brought some gas just in case. Kevin filled up my gas tank and what do you know my car started. Talk about embarrassing. The first time I meet someone I run out of gas and they see my parents (I can name on one hand the guys that have met my parents). Kevin was really good about the whole thing. We even stopped at the gas station on the way back and he got me gas. The rest of the evening was fun.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My twin

My wonderful friend Shaunna ended up being assigned to intern at the school that I'm student teaching at. This is fantastic since I now get to see her a few times a week. The first day she was there she stopped in my classroom. My 3rd graders were inside and starting the morning routine. Now Shaunna and I are about 2-weeks apart in age. If we don't look the same age she looks younger than me. I had just gotten done telling my class that she was Miss R's friend. As Shaunna was leaving one of my little girls comes over to me and asks if that's my mom. (sorry Shaunna!!!)

Today my sister Kim came to the school so we could go out to lunch. She came to the classroom and hung out for a little bit. I'm 29 and my sister is 18. Several of the students were asking if we were twins. Now we keep calling each other 'twin'. They did some pretty funny things while she was there.

During recess I took the guinea pig out of the cage so the girls whose job it was could do something. This guinea pig is shedding like crazy. I always end up with these long white hairs on me when ever i touch her. I went out to the playground. One of my girls told me I had guinea pig hairs on my shirt (not sure how they know whose hair it is) so i was brushing them off with my hand. When i stopped brushing off the hairs on my stomach the girl starts patting my stomach to get them off. And then she does it to my chest - oh my!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 more weeks

In 2 weeks, i get 2 weeks off from student teaching. One benefit to starting the school year so early is this nice 2 week break. I am looking forward to it and it will be here before i know it. So far I am going to Portland to visit my wonderful friend Michelle. That will be fun and it will be great to be cold.

This weekend I am packing up all the stuff in my room. Everything has to come out of my room so the new floors can get installed. A good thing to having to do all this work is that I will finally get my walls painted. It will be easier to do since i don't have to worry about dripping on the floor or the baseboards. I can just fling the paint on the wall if i feel like it.

I am messing with my mom and had Kim tell her that I am planning on painting my walls harlequin colors (after my beloved great dane). I am not sure how far I will take the joke. But, i think it's pretty believable since my family knows how crazy I am about him. Don't white walls with big black spots sound amazing? ;-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walk anyone?

When you live in the desert and the outside temperature is nice in the evening (during the summer time) – what do you do? This girl takes her dog for a walk. Even though there are clouds in the sky and thunder and lightening in the distance. Let’s just say it was a very short walk and we ended up having to run part of the way home.
Note to self: Do not wear jeans next time you go for a walk, just in case. It is hard to run in jeans. I am not sure how since my booty should be able to keep them up.

P.S. I had my first eval for student teaching and I earned 122 or 124 out of 127 points. Who rocks??? Me!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got this from a friend on myspace.

Who did you last shoot a dirty look at?
Last night when I went to the casino. This guy kept yelling and clapping every time his MOM won something on a slot machine.

What kind of car do you drive?
02 honda civic ex coupe - no car payments is the best part

Have you ever had a garage sale?
No, i always wanted to have one though. I don't know why. Once in Jr. High we had a little one at my friends house. I remember trying to sell some lame cds and one of them didn't have the cd in it - oops!

What color is your iPod?
well it's a first generation nano so it's boring white.

What kind of dog do you have?
Harlequin Great Dane :-)

What's for dinner tonight?
We went out to dinner to a pizza place. I got a side salad and pizza. James was the lucky one who order his own pizza. I had to share with everyone else.

What is the last drink you drank?
Last night at Olive Garden I had two Peach Sangria's. They were yummy (I swear I don't go out to eat ALL the time).

Last time you were sick?
Hmmm... I rarley get sick. So, i don't remember. I have a theory about it. My whole household never gets sick. My mom has worked at a hospital our whole lives. So, I think she has exposed us to so much stuff we are immune to most of it.

How long is your hair?
Bra strap line (not sure how many inches that is)

Are you happy right now?
Well other than being bored I am.

What did you say last?
"Mom took her foot off to kill it" (Kim gave me crap because i said "foot" instead of "shoe"). When she was trying to kill a black widow and it was running around.

Who came over last?

Do you drink beer?
Not very often. I did have a few last Friday when i went to my friends house.

Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
No, I am the oldest and was 7 when mom and dad finally decided to have another kid (Heather).

What is your favorite key chain on your keys?
I only have one - a cute coach pink/girly rhinestone charms keychain.

What is in your pocket?

Who is the last person you had a phone conversation with?

What's something fun you did today?
Took a nap since i got home at 2 am and woke up at 8:15 am

What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"?

What are you listening to right now?
Nothing really

What have you had to drink so far today?

What's the area code for your cell phone?

Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now?
Jcrew (tank top) and BananaRepublic (shirt)

Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?
No way

How many states in the U.S.
Washington, Oregon, Calfornia, Arizona (obviously), Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas (born), Iowa, Indiana, New York, Maine, Flordia, Mississippi, Louisanna. 16

What are you going to do after this?
Go to my room

What is something you need to go shopping for?
I really want to get this cute Tylie Malibu purse that I saw. It was pink suede hobo and then a brown leather strap with all these different size pink, silver, hot pink rhinestones. SO CUTE!!!!!

Do you like pickles?
Only dill and I hardly ever will eat one.

How about olives?

What is your favorite kind of gum?
All kids

Do you have any tan lines?
Little bit

Do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher?
Mrs. Brown

When you're at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?
Usually. I think I'm quicker (I'm probably not) but I don't just stand there and stare so it keeps me busy if i do it myself.

Has anyone ever given you roses?
Of course. What girl hasn't been given roses?

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
Um, not for food and water.

What is your favorite color?
Pink, white

What color are your eyes?

What is a compliment you receive way too often?
That I have a nice smile

How tall are you?
How short am I? 5'2

Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?
Kim sometime this week

Do you like your parents?
Do you have a choice? Sometimes they can be really cool.

Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?

Where is the furthest place you've traveled?
I use to live in Germany

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?
Sleep in a nice cold room with lots of blankets. I like the ceiling fan to be on and total darkness.

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?
I am not sure. Friends will say different things depending on my hair color. I am kind of in the middle. Kim looks like my mom and eather looks like my dad. You can tell my sisters and I are related.

Can you do splits?
I don't have the need to try. I know i can't go all the way down.

Can you use the grill?
of course

Are you flexible?
I am more flexible than my sister Kim - weird

What movie do you want to see?

What did you do on New Years Eve 2007?
Played games, probably

Was your mom a cheerleader?
She was not into stuff like that. She grew up on a farm and her and her twin were into things like 4h and other weird stuff.

What is the last letter of your middle name?

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?

Are you scared of flying?

What do you sleep in?
PJ pants and tank top

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?
Yes, many times.

Do you like chocolate?
Not really.

Are you easy to get along with?
Depends on the situtation - is that bad?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swing voter?

I got this from my friend, Stella's blog. I was a little curious how it would rank me based on the candiates issues.

Your Issue Profile: 56% Obama, 44% McCain
Truth be told, you're not really satisfied with either of the candidates.
You could vote for either of them. You are the typical coveted swing voter.

You may want to narrow yourself down to a particular set of issues in order to pick your president.
Or start looking at third party candidates. One of them might suit you better.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Volume 1

This is not going to be one of my regular blogs.

When my sisters and dad use to go and spend the month of June up in Utah I would send them family news letters. Before Heather left for Germany she found one. It was entertaining and I told her I would do some and put them on my blog for her. Here you go Heather….

Volume 1


Mom was rather ticked off on Wednesday when the floor installation guy did not come. She spent the last several days cleaning out the piano room to have the new floors installed and then they never even showed. Angela is not very happy that when she walks by the room everything echos. Although Angela is sure that mom is loving that everyone can hear what she’s saying when she tries to tell them what to do. The boys are confused as they no longer have a bed to lay down in the very empty room.

A Nutty Family

Dad was pretty funny when we went to dinner last week. We went to mom’s favorite place OTB. While waiting for their food, Angela asked mom if she was as moody as Kim. Without hesitating mom said she was. The details are a little sketchy but A little bit later Angela or Kim told mom that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Dad who wasn’t participating in the conversation replied telling Angela and Kim that they were nuts and not apples. Apparently in that family the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Deuce and his Teeth

Deuce is a little nervous for his dental appointment tomorrow. When Angela leaves for school tomorrow she will drop him off at the vet’s office. Angela is not very happy about how much it is going to cost her to get his teeth cleaned. A source close to Angela said that it was going to be close to two-weeks of pay. That’s a lot when you’re not working very much!


James and Kim have been swimming in the pool a lot this past week. They have been letting Samson swim with them. Kim has been getting her feelings hurt because Samson has not been playing very nice by ignoring Kim and only playing with James. Apparently James is very popular in the swimming pool. Samson even went off the diving board a few times with encouragement from James. Samson has been a little depressed because Heather is no longer around to take him running. He has been trying so hard to lose weight. Deuce has stepped in and is letting Samson run with him in the backyard but Samson doesn’t feel the workout is equivalent.


The mail box at the ‘R’ residence looks a little tacky. The neighbors had a little get together on Monday and have yet to take down the 3 mylar balloons that they attached to both mailboxes. Nobody seems to know why they are still attached to the mailbox. Angela is tempted to buy some plastic flamingos and garden gnomes and place them around the yard to go with those balloons.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lets try this again

I have decided to join EHarmony again. I wasn't sure - I was feeling like it hasn't worked for me since I'm still single.
The Austin guy was not very interested in me. At first I wasn’t going to get back on the site. My odds were pretty good. I met three guys and two of them where interested in me. If you ask me 2 out of 3 is pretty good, especially in Vegas, and I’m a gambling type of girl. Wish me luck! ;-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm in High School

One more thing. On Friday I went with some friends to see House Bunny. That movie is so awesome and very funny! Although I was sitting in the theater with all of those teenagers it really felt like I was back in high school in the auditorium.

Speaking of High School....

Last week I was being funny with the kids when I was taking them to P.E. I told them something about how tall I was that day (I'm almost 5'2 with no shoes on - and these shoes made me about 5'5 - 5'6). One girl told me that it was okay, I'm still growing.
After telling her several times that I'm done growing she still didn't believe me.
Another one told me I was in High School... If your ever feeling old just come visit my class - they will set you straight. ;-)

Whose going to protect us?

Saturday my sister and I (along with the two dogs) went camping. It was fun to go up north in the cooler weather. Dad got some nice camping stuff a few months back and let us take it. Now my whole life I never remember Dad going camping. So it's kind of weird that he had to spend money to buy things like a huge tent, three cots (we are a family of 5 - why 3?) and then some cool sleeping bags with memory foam. It sure made camping a lot easier. It was a nice drive since he let us take moms car. He was actually really cool about everything. At 11 o'clock or so a car drove by and Deuce started barking thirty seconds after it past by. I started getting a little paranoid and was thinking to myself what the hell are two girls doing in the woods. It didn't feel very safe. It's never a good feeling to go to sleep and wonder if you will see the morning without anything happening. Maybe these feelings are why I do not like scary movies....?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Twlight character are you?

You're Alice Cullen - You are vivacious and full of energy! Your childlike way of looking at life makes you both amusing and special to your friends. You make an excellent friend, although you do have a tendency to get uppity if you're not immediately given your way- people often give into you for your charm.

Almost there

Sometimes I do not give myself enough credit. I am usually pretty hard on myself. I have some great traits but it’s those bad ones that I like to focus on and improve. Not because I have “the glass is half-full” kind of attitude but because I am always trying to better myself. Sometimes I don’t take time to realize what my recent accomplishments are.

I keep finding myself dwelling on the fact that I am now bringing home $400 a paycheck. It’s hard not to compare that to other people who are the same age. Often what I forget to realize is how far I have come in the educational aspect of my life. I have almost done a 360-degree turn in my career goals (office worker to teacher). There have been a lot of baby steps on this path and so often the small accomplishments are overlooked. I have less than 4-months to go. That in it’s self is amazing since I’ve been on this quest to be a teacher since the fall of 2004. And the best part is I’ve been so happy these past 4-weeks. It’s been amazing!

I think this deserves a reward!!!! ;-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Student Teaching 101

We have a class pet. It's a Guinea pig and she is lots of fun. The best class job is taking care of her. I put some thought each week into who i want to do which job. Some kids cannot handle certain tasks - there are all sorts of jobs. Right now since school is still new
  • I will not have a shy kid be the pledge leader
  • A bossy girl is not going to have jobs where she can be mean to the other kids
Each week the kids want to know who gets to take care of the class pet. It's a big deal! What they don't know is that I pick the shy kid or the ones that have low self esteem. It really makes them feel good. It makes me feel great seeing them with their big smiles taking care of our cute little pig.

All the little things in the classroom take a lot of thought. One of the many things we don't learn in college.

Q: What is the most stressful time in the classroom?
A: So, far it's art or cleaning up the room at the end of day! Who knew!

One of the boys told me yesterday, "tomorrow is my birthday". Since i do not remember any other Birthdays for the month of August, I looked up on the sheet with the D.O.B. from the office. His Birthday was listed in April. Today he comes to class and tells us it's his Birthday. Come to find out it's a thing he is "celebrating" at home. He doesn't "want to wait" until April for his real Birthday. That's too far away! (why didn't i try that one when i was a kid?)

3rd grade is hilarious. I laugh every day. :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

So close but yet so far

Sometimes to land a teaching job you have to be in the right place at the right time.

At the school I’m student teaching at – which I love. The principal decided to take the 2-1st grade classes and split them up to 3-1st grade classrooms. This means the principle has to hire another teacher. Had he decided to do this in 3 months AND he likes me I could totally have had my own little job. He did ask me a week or so ago what grade level I was interested in teaching…dang why didn’t say, “I love them all it would be too hard to choose”. ;-)

I’m kind of sad but not really. 1st grade would be hard for me. Still there would have been some familiarity and A JOB!!!

My Mr. Right

I want someone that... (in no paticular order)
truly understands me.
makes me laughs
knows that my friends, family, and dog are all important to me
likes what they do professionally
keeps swear words to a minimum
likes to travel
motivates me to workout
sees the good in everyone
allows me to grow
appreciates my differences
loves me unconditionally
not too many bags
prefer if they never have lived with a girl
prefer no kids
never married
prefer not to have been previously engaged
doesn’t smoke
isn’t vengeful
someone with a backbone (I do not want to be the dominating one)
thinks I’m as amazing
that I just adore and have to be with
wants kids or to adopt
encourages me to work on my flaws while believing that I’m amazing
someone who loves nature
someone who likes movies
someone who loves animals
a guy who gets me to try new things and breaks me out of my shell
doesn’t take it personally when I just want to be left alone
likes to learn and better themselves
a good hearted person
needs to be more outgoing than me
likes to plan things (bbq’s, trips, etc.)
nice eyes or smile
good teeth are very important

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where is August going?

Today my friend Shaunna told me she is rounding up a group for the ½ Marathon this January for the P.F. Changs Marathon and ½ Marathon (walk/run) this January. Apparently if you have a big enough team you get ten bucks off the admission. Do I have the guts to sign up? Last month at the gym I did 5 miles on the tread climber and it took me a little over an hour. It was really pretty easy (minus the 10-20 incline intervals). I have been gaining weight so it could serve as motivation. Guess I have a month to think about it.

Earlier this week I got to hang out with my friend that I’ve known the longest, Stella. We went swimming and then to In and Out Burger with my sister and parents. It was so great to see her and her kids. They are adorable, funny, and entertaining. Stella you make me want to hurry up and have my own kids. Oh wait, one problem…no man. :-(

Today I learned that PMS and student teaching are not a good mix. At least the day goes by so fast.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm so busy

Last night the family, minus Heather (since she is in another country), went to Red Lobster (yuck) to celebrate my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary. Mom was twenty and dad was thirty when they got married. Maybe I can imagine being married at thirty but I could not imagine being married when I was twenty. Of course I was pretty immature back then and still am a bit. That makes life fun, right?

I am loving student teaching. I now teach a portion of Language Arts (the grammar – my worst subject area!!!). Luckily the book tells you everything you need to know. And this week I am going to start adding a reading group. I’m a little ahead of what ASU recommends as far as teaching but I need all the practice that I can get. My host teacher, who is amazing, is giving me lots of control.
I cannot believe that someday they are going to pay me to do this. I don’t want to only blog about student teaching and kids but that’s almost all that I’ve been up to these past few weeks. I cannot believe I’ve already been there for three-weeks. On Friday when I went to the lunch room the cafeteria manager told me, “Connie, (the cashier) just loves you and thinks you’re so cute!” Okay, outside of school life that doesn't sound too good but at school – well, it's totally acceptable. Apparently I’m just so sweet! :-)

Deuce is not really enjoying this new schedule. It feels like I am still away from the house the same amount of time even though I'm gone a lot more. And now have somewhere to go every day of the week - making him not a happy camper. When I get home he HAS to be wherever I am at. This morning (well I should say afternoon) when we got up he didn’t want to leave me and wanted to be in our room. I guess he thought we should hang out all day together in there (normally he only wants to be in our room to sleep or to play with his gigantic bunny - i should post a picture of him trying to carry that giant thing's hilarious). Hopefully he gets use to our new schedule soon.

Tonight my online class ends or well the final and then 3 chapter summaries are do. That sounds like exactly how I want to spend my Saturday night. I am looking forward to not having any more classes.

I'm dying to see my friend Stella who is in Town. She is only like 20-25 minutes away from where I live. She wants to hang out when she is over on the east side of town. Sure does suck too have to wait. What is that saying, good things come to those who wait? ;-)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Some of my friends are going camping this weekend. I was invited but I have to work Friday and Saturday night so I can't go. Which makes me sad. It would be great to get out of this 100+ degree weather and go up to the pines.

I started thinking about the last time I went with them and how some of their friends asked me if i wanted some pie. I remember there was two flavors - how fancy! Pie sounded perfect, at the time and I was really looking forward to it.

They brought me over my pie. I couldn't believe what I saw - pie filling in-between two pieces of white bread that was put in the sandwich grill. Well, looks aren't always everything so i tried it. It was so nasty I had to throw it out and then I couldn't stop laughing about how nasty it was and that they thought it was good stuff. So much for thinking they were gourmet campers.

Over the weekend I went out and some guy told me:

  • you're pretty
  • you seem cool
  • you're intelligent
  • you're young your only 29 years old
  • What are you doing with a 43 year old?
Very true (well i don't mean that in a vain way - but like wow, that was a good point kinda of way). I'm over it. Maybe I was in but in denial from the gecko.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Monday is coming too quickly

It's been rather boring at home with Kim being gone on the cruise for the past week. I am so glad that she got back home a few hours ago. Thanks for the shot glasses!

I had a great weekend.

Michelle (I miss you - when r u going to visit / or when can i come visit?) sent me a text on Saturday telling me that Costco had the Breaking Dawn book for $12 - so of course I had to go and buy it. I haven't had time to read much of it. I am sure I'll be done very soon. Two of my friends each went to separate release parties on Friday. They sure had some funny people watching stories to tell me about (people wearing prom dresses or mom's screaming when the books showed up).

Last night Shaunna and I went to a piano bar and had so much fun. I guess you could say I drank a bit too much - oops! I was messing with the parking lot attendant when we were getting ready to leave. We ended up saving 5-bucks because I asked him if there was a 'Saturday night special', guess it pays to be a girl.

Today I didn't get up until 1 in the afternoon - holy cow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day #2

I'm in my 4th block (semester) of the education program at ASU. The first 3-blocks I had to intern 60 hours total for each. I've learned more in the past 2 days than I have with the 180-intern hours.

I am so happy that I decided to be a teacher. I have loved all the interaction with the kids and meeting the staff. I've meet so many new people the last two weeks. This is so much better than a desk job. I love the variety that teaching brings. No two days will be alike.

I've lost 3 lbs this past week!!! There is no time to eat which is a wonderful thing when you have weight to lose. :-)

Monday, July 28, 2008

1st day!

Today was the 1st day of 3rd grade. Overall the class is very cute. Last year there was a 2nd grade teacher at the school who allowed her kids do do WHATEVER they wanted (needless to say she was asked to leave). You can totally tell which kids came from her class. They think it's okay to run in the halls, talk in the halls, turn around in your seat and talk, not raise your hand, not listen, etc., etc., It's been a bit of a culture shock today when we went over all the rules and things not to do. One girl even got a tummy ache after discipline was talked about. If their behavior is not very well they can get after school dentition.

One of the sweet girls brought me her text book that someone had wrotten B&*!#@ in big letters. This caused a little uproarh amonths the nosey students who wanted to see it. But, they didn't.

It was a good day and I cannot believw how tiresome I am (and I didn't even do that much) as far as teaching and interacting.

I am still thinking about my Austin guy. I really want to call him. But I won't bug him while his cousin is there visiting. I'm still sad about it and still like him.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A good thing came to and end

I feel sad. But, I’ll hold my head up high and just blog about it instead. Usually this sort of thing is not something that I would talk about. I’ve been working on expressing myself this year.
I just got off the phone with the guy from Austin. He doesn’t wish to proceed with a relationship. He told me that he didn’t think that I had very much fun, I was too quiet, I wasn’t expressive, hard to read, and that I wasn’t really into him.

I actually had a lot of fun. Yes, I was quiet but I always am when I am on vacation because there are all these new things, places, people, and environment.

I felt comfortable and thought it was a good start to a relationship. I guess I was the only one who felt that way. I want to build a strong foundation where we both know each other very well and totally get each other. It was great being in Austin and trying to get to know this great man and learning as much as I could about his life, things he likes, his mannerisms, habits, helping him anyway I can, etc.

I really think that each guy that comes into our lives teaches us something. What did I learn from my Austin guy? I think I learned lots of things. The most valuable would be that it’s okay to put myself out there. In fact I should do it a lot more. I am young and need to get out there and date. He taught me that I am really a special girl and I need to remember that I’m unique. I learned how good it feels to do something for someone else that the relationship isn’t just about me. And how, important it is too find someone that wants the same things as you. AND how much fun it is to talk on the phone with a guy. I think that’s what I am going to miss the most is just our talks and just having that gentle sole to talk to when your having a rough day.

In the grand scheme of things I should not be sad. I have grown as a person and learned some important and valuable skills.

Instinctively my heart wants to close back up and hide again. But, I am going to take what I learned from my wonderful Austin guy and get back out there and try it again. Really try not just text someone back and forth. So, I’ll hold my head high and keep on looking. I know the guy that truly understands me and gets me is out there and he is sure a lucky guy and I’ll be a lucky girl.

Damit I really liked this one and was really hopping to be done with the whole dating thing. He was funny, interesting, smart, educated, kind, thoughtful, and so much more!!! I tried to do everything right. :-(


My youngest sister and I are a lot alike. Sometimes that's a great thing when it comes to hair, makeup, clothes, and shoes. She got bangs last month and I love it! A few years ago I took a picture of Reece Witherspoon to my last hair lady and showed her the picture. I got blunt bangs and looked like such a dork for 9 months. I was a little apprehensive but since Kim and I are back to going to the same hair lady and I like Kims bangs I knew they'd be cute.

Here is one of the last pictures I took pre-bangs (i guess you can't really tell since i pulled my hair back).

I took some pictures today to show off my new bangs. And it's your lucky day (or not) I don't have any makeup on (YIKES!). Oh and the new shirts I bought yesterday. Jcrew and Banana Republic are having some GREAT sales!

Deuce is stealing my spot light.

On the bright side of things - at least I have a smaller nose.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Word Verification for dummies

Maybe I shouldn't be a teacher.

You know those 'word verification' that you have to enter the letters to leave comments/send messages/etc. I have the hardest time with those. Either I'm making up letters or I can't figure out what the letter is. Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 tries. :-(

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Tomorrow I get to meet my students. I am excited. I went out to lunch with all the 3rd grade teachers today and they talked about "meet the teacher" night. I guess it's a little bit awkward. The parents come and they either don't have anything to say OR want to spend 10-minutes talking about their child(ren). And apparently the kids just stare at you. I'm glad i won't be the only one a little uncomfortable tomorrow evening. ;-)

Today was another long day and lots of fun. I knew teachers did a lot of work but I HAD NO idea how much work it is!!!! And school hasn't even started. It's been great going this week and I cannot tell you how fast time flies. I left my house at 7:30 this morning, got home at 8:00, and did homework until 8:45. It really feels like I've been awake for only 4-5-hours. I hope life slows down, else I'm going to be gray everywhere very soon. :-(

I'm exhausted and I am going to bed at 9PM! Guess this day jig is going to turn me into an early bird.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got back from Texas yesterday (I'll blog about Austin, soon).

I made it through my first day of student teaching today! I really like my host teacher she is so nice. I am going to have my hands full and will be learning more than I thought I would. We meet the students on Thursday for ‘meet the teacher’ and Monday is the students first day of school. I am very tired today.

I don't know why I thought it would be easy to work 4 hours in the evening. I went to my job after student teaching. I left at 7:20 and got home about 8:30. It sure did make for a long day but it actually only felt like I worked 2-3 hours at each.

P.S. I went to my first nude beach when I was in TX.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Student teaching starts on Tuesday. I have one week to prepare and I'll be in Austin for 5 days, so that really only gives me about 2 days to get ready. Tomorrow is my hair appointment. I cannot decide if i want to go back to a lighter blonde or stay with this darker blonde color. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
Today I went and got a pedi-cure. A must have since i'll be wear open toe shoes once I start student teaching. Guess I was in a crazy mode because i was planning on just an elegent look. Maybe next time. Oh a happy note I found one pair of my havaianas in my dirty room. Aren't they cute?

Here is a close up. Not a great picture since i used my cell but you get the idea.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mama said alligators are ornery cause they got all those teeth and no toothbrush! ALL of my teeth feel amazing. Last Thurday I went in for a cleaning. I ended up getting one of these gadgets. I charged it over the weekend while I was gone and since I've been back - oh, 5 hours ago. I've brushed my teeth 3 times. Hmmm. I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner (BTW it is very expensive at Target. I got the family pack at my dentist office for less than what Target wants for a single one). Oh, and the best part is that i used my flexible spending account. I hope they don't want to audit the receipt OR it's an approved item.

Friday, July 11, 2008


WooHoo!!!! I am relieved. I just made the final CareCredit payment for more than two grand, a few seconds ago, from D's last surgery to pay off the balance. Now that the that the 12-month interest free promo ends in a few weeks (which would have added another $700 bucks had it not been paid off, um no thanks). I am SO happy to not be receiving any more statements. I could have bought a brand new car instead I got to fix something I already had, my beloved Deuce. He is worth it but two years of this has been crazy and very financially draining.

I'm headed up north with the family. Our cabin isn't built yet. Friends of my parents have a cabin in the same community so we are going to stay at theirs this weekend.

I'll be back Monday evening. I am excited the day time high is in the 60's-70's and RAIN. When you grow up in Arizona, or maybe i speak for just myself, you love rain. Although are rain stinks (a rusty mineral type smell when the rain first starts). Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laundry, Angela-style

Here is a good laundry tip. When you are doing your laundry:

  1. Do not added anything other than clothes to the laundry bin

  2. If foreign object(s) fall into the bin take them out before going to the washing machine

  3. Add a few clothes at a time to the washing machine. Do not just dump the entire laundry bin

This is very important. Else, you might end up washing your text book for your summer class.

(If your wondering how the heck that got into the wash. I sorta remember throwing the text book on the bed and it sliding into the half-full laundry basket. I must have added clothes on top and then just dumped the basket into the washing machine. It made a huge mess and I had to wash some things 3-times to get all the gunk out).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10% off for your child

Yesterday my dad picks up a promotional flier he got in the mail from USAA (banking, insurance, and loans). This flier was for insurance.

D: Do you have USAA?
A:Yes [Note:I've been a member for over 14-years. He had to fill out paperwork listing me as his dependent so I could be a member]
D: [He picks up his mail] This says that my child can get 10% off.
A: Well I'm an adult.
D: Yes, but your my child
A: I'm an adult not a child. They didn't say your "dependent" can receive 10% off. It says "child".
D: Even if you're 60 you will still be my child.
A: I think they mean more like 16-21.
D: You need to call them so you can get 10% off, just tell them your my child.

Later I read his flier. It says that if your child is under 25 they can get a 10% discount. Dad is silly. It makes me laugh this "discount" if i was young enough would save me $6-7 a month. I didn't tell him about that part. It was cute that he is trying to save me a few dollars a month.

Go Me!

I got an A in my 1st summer class. Which is good because I am trying to raise my GPA and another B will bring it down. No more B's until after I graduate.

My 2nd summer class just started this week. This teacher wants us to write one paper every day. That sounds like fun...I've been dying to write 25 papers over the next 5-weeks.

I'm really excited, I found out today that when we go up north this weekend the day-time high is going to be in the 60's-70's. WOOHOOO! I cannot wait. It's 9:30 pm the sun has been down for over an hour and half and it's still 100+ degrees outside. Do you like being cold or hot better? I will always say cold because like I was telling John earlier this week there is only so much I can take off when I'm hot.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So, i've been at the same job for over 9 years. That's a very long time when you're 29!
Today my boss sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted a pot-luck or get lunch from somewhere for my "last" week (i'll still be lurking around there, just not hours people are usually there). It's a bitter-sweet feeling.

Anyways, i told her just whatever is easier that people want to do. I really didn't want to make a big deal about it. I don't want to start crying or anything - not that i would - but sometimes i cry. Like you know when you get that Birthday dinner song - sometimes that can make me cry. Or when I'm mad about something and i have to talk about that something I'll start crying. Pretty much until I know how i feel, internally I don't know how to feel so i cry. It's rather annoying and so EMBARRASING if it happens around someone...anyways!

During our meeting today they took a vote and decided to get lunch from somewhere. My friend was like lets do pizza. is not my first, second, third, forth choice.

Later when i was back in my bosses office she asked me if i wanted Pei Wei or Olive Garden. That sounds way better than pizza. They are sweet!

Monday, July 7, 2008

No more Monday blues

I've been waiting months maybe even years for this week. Now that it's hear it's a very strange feeling. I have been at the same job for over 9 years. Right now I work 30 hours a week. Which is very sweet when school is not in session. Here is something very cool. I make more in my 30 hour week than people on my team that work 40 hours. Which is something we probably want to keep to ourselves. But, that's not the case anymore. After Friday I am going to work 12 hours a week. Student teaching starts in 2 weeks and 1 day. I'm totally excited. I need to e-mail a few girls from my cohort and find out what they are wearing the first week (the kids won't be there yet). I don't want to be over dressed but i don't want to be under dressed either. First impressions are important.

On Friday, i'm going up with the family and staying up north to the pines for the weekend. I was looking forward to it until my sister told me my future brother-in-law is bringing his trumpet with him and going to practice for the Olympic games every day. Are you kidding me?

Anyways, Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Epidemic Continues

My sister got back from Washington last Friday. On my way home from Shaunnas’ house I got this great idea to ask Heather go scorpion hunting (taking a black light in the yard and killing them). When I got home Heather was already scorpion hunting. I decided to walk around with her. My sister is very daring and she actually likes doing it. She gets all into it and uses my moms hemostats grabs them and then cuts them into about 8 pieces. That night we found an astounding 32-33 of them. YUCK! She has gone out every night since then and luckily the numbers have decreased. In the last week though there have been over a hundred in my parent’s back yard! AGH!

Now we find them (well I should say she) in specific places. The back yard borders with 4 neighbors. There are two houses along the back wall and then one house on each side. Against the back wall the house on the right there is hardly ever any on that one. The house that is on the left there are usually several. Which makes me think that they have a scorpion problem too (since they tend to be territorial). I told my sister she should go over there to ask if they do and then if they say yes, to ask if she can hunt in their back yard that night. But, I guess she didn’t like that idea and they would probably be offended. DON’T THEY KNOW THAT THESE CREATURES ARE HORRIBLE?????

Last night I didn’t go out with her and she found the mother-load. She put it in a mason jar (sick, that better end up in the trash) and sprayed them it was a mother and 11-tiny babies upon her back.

I love my sister and that she protects me from these things. I am sad to think that my hunter is leaving in a few weeks and won’t be back for a year. What am I going to do? My other sister and I are too squeamish to do it. Heck, I freaked out tonight outside when a mouth landed on my shirt. I think Heather should become a scorpion wrangler, she’s great at it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

No self-control?

Today I decided I wasn't going to buy anymore shirts, jeans, or pants unless they were appropriate for teaching. That was until this afternoon, when I went with Kim and my mom to see Wall-e at San Tan Village. While we were waiting for the movie to start we went to Aeropostale.

Kim got some things for her cruise in a few weeks and I got three tops. They were super cheap and on sale for 7.99-12.99. They might be good for when I go to Austin in two-weeks.

Starting tomorrow I will not buy anymore shirts, jeans, or pants unless then are appropriate for teaching, k?

Friday, July 4, 2008


First let me start of by saying I LOVE the 4th of July!

Fireworks, BBQ, and swimming what more could a girl ask for?

This year was very disappointing. Every year fireworks go off across the street from my parents house. You can sit in the yard and they are right there. Totally fun and AMAZING!!! And you don't have to deal with all the traffic. I guess it was decided that there would not be a fireworks show this year seeing as there is another one that is a mile away. I figured well it won't be as wonderful but still will be pretty cool. That was until I found out that show was cancelled too. :-(

No fireworks for me!

I miss the 'OHHH'ing and 'Awww'ing at all the pretty lights and colors. :-(
Fireworks brings out the inner child in me. I could watch it on TV but that is totally not the same. Next year I will def. not be sitting at home watching a movie

::keeping fingers crossed::

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The past 3-Wednesdays I have spent 2 hours at the non-profit organization Save The family here in Arizona. I don't know if it's just an Arizona company or in different states. They really are wonderful.

I was in the baby room. I think I caught a bit of the baby bug. Hmmm...guess i knew this would come some day. The babies & small toddlers there (4-5) are soo cute and it was fun holding, feeding, and playing with them. The little guy I was playing with tonight must have been 6-7 months old??? idk he could kinda of sit but couldn't crawl. Maybe he was closer to 5 months. Anyways he was cute and he would smile big and loved playing with certain toys (with help). I've always loved little boys, they are sweet.

I'll miss going they really grew on me.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm half a mess

I am finally cleaning and organizing everything in my room. And I had to pull out stuff from the garage. A lot of stuff is going to GoodWill - so that's good. It's always nice to uncluter. So, i thought i needed a lot more clothes for student teaching but i was TOTALLY wrong. Apparently I have a massive amount of clothes. I already gave over two black garbage bag full of clothes, purses, and shoes. And it still looks like I went on a massive shopping spree. It's a good thing though because i am so poor right now any how to buy more stuff for student teaching.

So there are lots of forgotten memories that I found in my paper boxes. I found a lot of stuff from Enoch (we broke up after i moved) so that's been kind of hard. Everything i find has been making me sad. Even birthday cards from my wonderful friends and I don't know why? It's strange. So, I've been so productive but it's making me so emotional. Do you hold on to the memories...i can't seem to throw them out. I went from three storage boxes and can now fit it all into a shoe box now that i took all the bills, receipts, etc. out and shredded those.

I've been really bad the past year and half with hording stuff, being a pack rat, and a totally slob. I see shows like this on Oprah. I'm forcing myself to do it all before student teaching: room, bathroom (did last week), office, and clean the car. I think there were certain things I wasn't ready to deal with (Room/Storage stuff) and thought 'ignorance is bliss' approach was the best method. So, it's a relief to finally be dealing with everything. It's just hard. But, in order to move to the next phase in my life it's vital.

Okay, back to my clutter I go. I'll post pictures (probably next weekend) when I am completely done with everything.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Congratulations Heather!

Now that it's official. A congratulations to my sister for her recent engagement. :-)
There will now be a Mr. and Mrs. Smith in my family in the future.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are being overtaken

I decided to come back out to the office to blog about our infestation. I open the door and what do i see on the carpet another one. OMG!

Bugs and spiders and that sort of thing do not bother me. Unless they are touching me. Scorpions on the other hand I do not want to even see! Ever since i got stung in my early 20's they just creep me out. The last few weeks we have found a scorpion every few days or so. I have been trying not to think about them. If this is my parents way of trying to get me to start thinking about moving out - they are sure doing a good job.

Mom: Angela doesn't seem to want to move out?
Dad: Well, she hates scorpions lets move a large family of them in.
Mom: Oh honey, you're so smart. That is such a wonderful idea.
Dad: I know, why didn't we think of this years ago.

Okay that probably didn't happen.

THIS IS SOOO F'ing gross! How is a girl spose to get her much needed beauty sleep?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Stella!

Today is my gorgeous friend Stellas birthday. A lot has changed over the past 15+ years but I still consider her an amazing friend. She made Jr. High so much fun. We use to do the most crazy things: hand stands in elevators, the movie laugh, roller blading on one foot (she would share one with me so we each had one, since i didn't have roller blades),...etc

1998 (dec.) - we decided to get an apartment together. I remember how fun it was looking at all the apartments and the ladies would point out the kitchens and they would be hideous and it would be hard not to bust up laughing.

2001 - we went to Rocky Point. It was a tight squeeze driving down in a Chevy calvier coupe with about 6 people - but a great spring break I am glad that she invited me - even though i came back with tonsillitis.

2003 - she moved away from. While I don't get to hang out with her. It still feels like nothings changed.

My life would be totally different if we hadn't became friends. I am such a better person and learned a lot of important qualities in my much needed younger years - Thank you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA. HAVE AN AMAZING TIME IN DISNEYWORLD (what a great week go)!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Angie!

I found an adorable picture of two of my favorite girls, Angie and Shaunna. Not only are they beautiful and sweet they are both great friends. I love them to pieces.

Tomorrow is Angie's Birthday party. It is going to be hours of fun. I can hardly wait. I went and picked up the gift i ordered, tonight and I cannot wait to give it to her. Shhh don't tell her -but i got her this keychain. Happy Birthday Angie!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Host

I love the Twilight series and cannot wait for the forth book to come out in August and the movie to come out around my Birthday (I think they planned it to be a 30th Birthday present for moi). I actually wasn't sure if i would buy her new book The Host but when i saw the book for $14 at Costco, i figured how could I NOT buy it.

I found a scorpion walking on a paper bag (they were almost the same color) right near my bed (my bed is pretty low to the ground). So needless to say i've been a little spooked. So, I'm not going to read it until i clean my room. I got a bunch of storage containers at Costco yesterday. Most of the stuff in my room needs to come out because it really shouldn't be. Please let there be no more scorpions in my room. I got stung once when i was asleep about 7-years ago and since then they creap me out! I've been taking a black light to my room every night - but there are just so many places it could be.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I don't think he has enough room

I found this photo today and thought I should post it. I think it's cute.

Heather found him sleeping like this a few months ago and texted me this picture.

I know, I really shouldn't let him on my couch, he's making it all dirty. I use to not let him on. I don't seem to care anymore. He has now taken over the couch.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kim & I

There are some things in life that just don't seem like they will happen. I never went to the same school as my sisters (due to our age differences).

I never thought that my sister Kim and I would ever go to the same school. Guess I was wrong, we are now working on our bachelors degrees @ ASU (she is 18 and I'm 29).

I got an e-mail from her from the ASU account and she asked me if it made me feel old? It doesn't make me feel old at all. Especially since i still think of myself being in my early 20's. Yes, i am majorly in denial. Although i have a feeling I will be "growing up" very soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm stifling

Wow! I am melting. It is getting incredibly hot outside. I hate being hot and coming inside and still being hot. It is depressing to think that I will not be cold until Halloween. Every summer the same routine happens. Limit my time outside. If it doesn't involve shade, water, or A.C. I probably won't be involved. At least I have powerful AC in my car. ::fingers crossed::

Last summer when my ac broke in the car, that day and half, it sucked big time before i was able to get it to the dealership. I can be bit dramatic. I am sure the guys at the dealership thought it was funny when i showed up and got out with all these freezer packs that i had put on my back, legs, and forhead - i was desperate and it did help for the 30 minute drive. I was very nervous about the bill. It actaully was super cheap about $75 for Honda to replace some switch. I had no idea that the dealership could invoice any part for under $300. ;-)
Every summer I also start getting on my moving kick. Michelle, i heard on the news that the snow on your Mount Hood will be bringing me a litle cooler weather. Please send it ASAP!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am bored out of my mind. I am so unproductive and unmotivated to do anything.

I wanted to take this summer course that is online (Heath and Safety for little kids). Dad didn't want to pay for it since it's "not part of the program" so i begged to take it. Well, now i want to drop the class because it requires me to go to a day care or child care facility for 5 hours (which is an assignment for the instructor has not a requirement of the course - but if i want a good grade i have to do it). I have interned a 180-hours the last 3 semesters. Isn't that enough? Okay maybe i'm just feeling unmotivated...but i'm really tempted to drop the class. Only i probably won't because i would feel guilty for wasting their money.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Girl

In a month I am going to go meet a guy that lives in Austin, Texas, from eharm. I am soo excited. He is older and that doesn't bother me one bit. There are lots of people that have many years between them. He is so much fun to talk to. We have been talking on the phone for 2-4 hours, per day. I don't think I have talked that much on the phone since i was in Jr. High. I think he is fascinating to talk to and love listening to what he has to say. I am not much of a phone person, I would rather text. This is fun and it makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm back

I spent the weekend in San Francisco with Michelle. It was my first time there and lots of fun. Thank you Michelle for everything!!! Your such a great friend. I am glad that we have been friends for so long, i always have a blast when ever we hang out.

View from the hotel. There was overcast the entire day.

Michelle in Shakespeares garden. It was very peaceful and pretty there.

Me in Shakespeares Garden

Michelle posing

We went on a hiking trail at Golden Gate Park. It was very pretty lots of green and some pretty flowers.

The mighty Golden Gate Bridge

Driving up Lombard Street (luckily Michelle is driving. I don't know if it was growing up on the flat streets in Arizona. But, driving on steep roads freaks me out).

At the top of Lombard Street

Lombard Street - looking up. What a cute neighborhood. Can you imagine living here? And people thinking your street/drive-way is an amusement park. ;-)

The "7-ladies" you know from um "full house". I googled it and found where it was at (i probably shouldn't admit that, huh?)

We drove up to San Jose and went to the Winchester Mystery Mansion. If you have not been, this place is wacky. Here is the one picture I took (didn't think to take pictures inside). The lady back in the 1900's did normal things to her house- - you know like putting a door on the 2nd floor that just drops off (white door in picture "door to know where").