Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not again!

Over the weekend I went and got a pedicure with a friend. And I forgot to close the bedroom door. Someone went to town on the blinds in the office area on the door that leads to the backyard. He left about half of them up.

Now both doors have no blinds or half. I will replace the blinds in my office area, since the dogs usually don't have access to that room when I'm not home (as long as I remember to close the door when I leave). In the living room I think I'm going to have to put up curtains. Def. not something I ever thought about. But, obviously we can no longer handle having blinds up. Until I decide what to do and find something that I like I have hung up a sheet.

I only have two sheets that I can use for the doors (unless I have some in one of the many unpacked boxes). I had one of the sheets in my bedroom area on the window to block some of the light, even with the blinds that came with the house a lot of light came in. I had to take that one so I had a little more privacy incase someone was peeking over the fence (yah I'm slightly paranoid about weird stuff).

I was able to take a fitted sheet and hook it to the top of the window and the bottom window sill. Makes me laugh when I walk in. Like a bed on the wall. It works until I get blinds for that room. I don't even know if you do curtains and blinds together.

(excuse the black and white dog butt).

And instead of improving the house to make it better we are regressing. Winning!

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Monday, April 18, 2011


I pretty much have a job for next year. Nice that I don't need to figure out something else. It will be my 3rd year and still no raise. I no money isn't everything, but it's a little important.

I have started thinking in my head a plan to make more money without having to go back to school and start back over. Other states pay teachers 10k more on average. So I am thinking of moving. We're talking an extra 800 a month. Why should I not try for that. And I am single!

Here is my plan:

If I am at my school for 4 years or more if you give your notice early enough they will pay you for all the sick days you haven't used (currently I have 16 days of sick time).

If you have the state retirement for 5 years on top of what you put in you will get 25% of what the school contributed (and they currently contribute 100% of the 9% we put in).
* 6 years you get 40%
* 7 years you get 55%

I would keep this house. I bought it planning to hang on to it. And for how cheap it was will make it a lot easier.

What I don't know is if I will rent it or keep it and stay in it when I come back during the summers. If I want any extra spending money I think my only option would be renting. But it would be cool to have a home to stay in when coming back to AZ.

My friend is moving to another state, she is hoping this summer. So, this has got the wheels turning in my head.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

So mad!

The worst part of coming home tonight should have been the poop on the floor. (1st time it's happened since I moved).

This morning I didn't close the blinds all the way. Huge mistake!!!!

And this is why I'm now a little on the grumpy side.

Notice there are only a few blinds. Here is where most of them are.

I don't know if I have ever been mad at the dogs. But I am right now!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here's my goal

And I don't want to think about how long it's going to take to get into these. But these old jeans are my goal. I don't care that they are about 5-7 years old. Its my new goal (hopefully it doesn't take 5+ years to achieve!).

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It's started

I started a real diet. Def. not something that I plan out and try. So far I'm down 10lbs. The first two days were hard. But, now I'm pretty use to it. What makes it easy is that I am hardl ever hungry. So that "need" to snack all the time is gone. Another great thing is as lunch time I would just eat what I had. Now half the time I'm not in the mood for part of it or only want a few bites of whatever. And then I'm done. That's a lot of saved calories. I need to start throwing in exercise.

I don't have a goal yet. I need one. I could:
Make a lot of short terms goals.
Make a long term goal
Have a time frame.
There are a pair of pants I want to get into. I should find them and take a picture to remind myself.

I'm excited about these 10 lbs. and look foward to more sucess.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I need to finish unpaking

You would not know this unless you looked in the spare bedrooms. I have oodless and oodless of things that need to be unpacked. One room is filled with all sorts of stuff. The other room has boxes of bathroom stuff - makeup, hair, and bath stuff. Then there boxes of stuff that goes in my dresser drawers. Although since the stuff is still in the spare room it's telling me that - I don't use it.

There are somethings I need to find asap. I moved and packed in the winer time. So I don't know where any capris are or my warmer weather shirts. And I have no idea where my socks are. I do have a pair of mismatched socks that I have used with sneakers. Kinda silly that all my socks are in some unknown spot.

In the messy spare room I have an older dresser. It use to be my grandparents. I love the shape and size. Don't care for the wood color. What I want to do this summer is to sand it down and paint it black. I don't know how hard that will be. I've read some blogs of people who have done this and have beautiful after pictures. It doesn't seem too hard. Maybe I should practice on my desk. It's cheap and old. Plus maybe that will help urge my need to buy the desk set that I love that's always in the PotteryBarn mag. That magazine is Dangerous!!!!

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I like to order clothes online. And of course it comes with risks. I was shopping tonight at Old Navy and Piperlime. I think it's great that other people who have got the same item give their opinion and comment on their purchase. I love the people who put their height and size. I really wish people had to put their age and their fashion sense.

So many times I read, "such a pretty print.".

But that tells me nothing. If the person is 60 we probably are not going to have the same opinion. -or- a 30 year old who could careless about what they wear as long as it's comfortable.

I need more details people!

A side thought: you can shop Piperlime, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap from the same sight.

Now that I'm older I don't ever end up buying from Gap. I'm my early 20's I was obsessed. I serriously bought a new shirt or two from them every payday. 10 years later I've decided that --- there are only so many ways to do a solid color shirt. I'm kinda over it. ;-)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

The ordeal is over

I still can't believe I had to get stitches. I never planned on ever having to get them. And I know this because I've thought about it before. When you have a phobia of needles and pain you tend to think about these sorts of things. Or at least I do. Just like I was never going to have my wisdom teeth removed. But when I was a young adult those came out too.

We just had a fire drill at the end of the day. My kids were getting ready to be on the floor. I went to my rocking chair sat down and instantly got up. Because I saw the scissors that were in my pocket were now sticking out and I could feel blood droplets in my hand. I have one pair of small sharp scissors. I rarley use them. They are usually far in my desk with the guard on them. I will never put scissors in my pockets again!

I have felt blood sliding down my skin before but have never felt drops of it. Was the weirdest feeling ever. I went over to the sink and could not get my finger to stop bleeding. I sent my kids next door. Most didn't notice what had happened. I went up to the office to get some gauze.

A few people told me I needed stitches. I told them I wasn't getting them but with several people telling me I started to get nervous. I went to find my phone and the thought of having to get stitches gave me instant tears. I called my mom and she told me she would meet me at my house to bandage it up or take me to urgent care. She hardly even looked at it. I was so nervous at urgent care. I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't cry. The needles hurt and getting your skin stitched together feels so crazy. You can feel your skin being tugged and pulled but it doesn't hurt.

It was a big event for me. And I am glad it's over. I did pretty good (phobia wise). But I never want to go through that again.

No more stitches. There goes my future in hand modeling!