Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - 2009

I now work 10 hours a week. You would think I would have all this extra time and I would be bored out of my mind. But, that is not the case. I can’t even tell you what I have been doing.

I knew at the beginning of 2008 that this past year would be a big year for me. I finished my undergraduate degree. I graduated with honors from Arizona State University. I turned 30! I met a great and amazing guy. I got the job that I have been wanting for a long time with very little effort on my part. I went on a few great trips (Vegas, San Francisco, and Austin). Applied and got accepted into a masters program at ASU. Got a passing test score for one of my state tests (still waiting for the other one…still keeping my fingers crossed). Got to spend some time with some old friends and created some new friendships. Became more responsible (but I think that ties in with graduating). Being content on my life choices and not worrying about the path I have taken thus far.

2009 brings some more good things. I will have my very first classroom. Going on some more great trips Greece with Michelle and Sarah and going RVing with Kevin to Oklahoma to visit his brothers and dad over the 4th of July. I will be a bride’s maid in my sisters Heathers wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden. Getting to see Heather! I look forward to what else 2009 has in store for me.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I walked

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to my graduation. When I think back to my High School graduation, I won't even mention what year that was, it was super long and I was sick. Needless to say I didn't think very fondly of it.
I am glad that I decided last minute to go to my college graduation. It turned out really nice and it was fun to have my family, boyfriend, and a close friend there on Friday to help me celebrate my accomplishment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I bought Britney Spears tickets. I am embarrassed how much I spent for the two tickets. However, I cannot wait to see her. ;-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bump in the Evening

On Friday evening I was heading south on the 101 to go to a Birthday dinner with some friends at P.F. Changs. As I was driving to Chandler in slow motion the cars in front of me slammed on their breaks. Two of the cars have to swerve into the car pool lane. I quickly reacted to what was going on and when I knew I was in the clear I checked my review mirror. The car behind me was not too close. But I saw the car driving quickly to my car and then I felt and heard a loud bang and my purse and everything on my seat flew to the floor.

At this point I was a little panic and my first natural reaction was to take off my seat belt as I’m driving on the freeway and trying to make it over to the side of the freeway to stop. Take off my seat belt? WTH, i’m totally a seat belt natzi and always wear mine and it drives me crazy when someone is in the car and you have to ask them to put there’s on. So, that was my first reaction to being hit. I then sat in my car and called 9-1-1. I didn’t know what to do so she connected me to highway patrol and I asked the lady what do I do, do I sit in my car or do I get out? She told me whatever I was comfortable with.

Now about a year ago there was something on the freeway and the guy got out of his car and got hit. The news kept saying that’s not what you do. I’m thinking well this is 9-1-1 clearly she wouldn’t be telling me something unsafe to do, correct? After I called 9-1-1 I texted message people and told them “I just got re-ended on the freeway”.

During this entire time the car that hit me pulled behind my car and he just stayed in his car. Um, he hit me why isn’t he running or coming to my car to make sure everything is okay?

After I called the police and texted message my friends and family I got out of my car and looked at my bumper. I kind of felt silly for calling the police when I saw my bumper. The damage is not very visible. Since I’m so short I was able to see that the underneath of my bumper is cracked. I then walk over to the guys car. He rolls down his window a little bit and he’s talking to someone on the phone. After a few seconds I am now starting to feel a little annoyed:

A – he hits my car and shakes me up
B – he doesn’t come to make sure I am okay (not that I’m looking for the damsel in distress situation but still)
C – I go over to talk to him and he’s talking to someone on the phone

Luckily, he said a few seconds later to who he was talking with “I gotta go”. So, I felt much better and didn’t have to bust out any of my kung-foo karate moves. I told him that someone is on their way for the report. And then told him I was going to go back and sit in my car.

When I got back to the car I called Kevin. He wasn’t far behind me on the freeway so he stopped to help. When Kevin got there I got back out of my car and went over to him and the guy got out too. He told me to just get his information and that I didn’t need to file a report.

Right about this time the policeman shows up. He kept telling us that we needed to get back in our cars. Okay, this is what I originally thought but why is the dispatch operator telling me I can do whatever I’m comfortable with? I certainly don’t want to put my life in danger and I’m comfortable going over and talking to someone who hit me.
At this point Kevin is trying to help me. Kevin had just gotten a flat tire so he needed to fix that. The officer is kind of separating Kevin and I and standing by Kevin to make sure he fixes his tire. He keeps telling Kevin I’ll help her, but he doesn’t really help me. I keep walking over to find out what I need to be writing down for the guy. The guy finally tells me that he would prefer to just give me cash. I kind of ignore him. I don’t really want cash. Later he tells me again that he can give me cash and that he has $10,000 but he doesn’t think it will be that much.

This is when I started feeling bad for the guy. He’s probably all of 20-22, kind of shy, and kind of intimidated from the whole situation. There is really not that much damage to my car. There is none to his. I personally would rather go through insurance because I want to get my car fixed. If I go and get an estimate and he gives me cash. I know I’m not going to end up getting it done and will just deposit the money into one of my accounts… L

I hate being in this situation. I feel guilty that he hit me – and why? I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know why I should I didn’t do anything wrong but he seems like a young guy and I feel bad that he has to give me his money that he probably worked hard for. I hate that I’m going to be given money and then won’t use it to fix my car. I hate that I now have to take time out of my life to follow through on all of this stuff (go get an estimate, call him, meet up with him).

I do like the fact that if I am ever involved in an accident, I know exactly what to do.

And after all of this I still made it to P.F. Changs on time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I did it!

Friday was the last thing I had to do for school. It was mostly just an ending celebration. When it was over the realization set in as I was walking to my car. I am done! I have finally finished and a college graduate (well not on paper yet). I am so proud of myself. I won't be able to enjoy my new freedom of being "done" for too long I am starting school next month. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one won't take me as long. ;-)

Today was my big 30th Birthday. My sister whose in Germany left me a vm today. It was so good to hear her voice. I got sung a New Kids on the Block song about how I'm not that old. Super sweet Michelle. And the the other well wishes that I received made me feel lucky that I have such good friends. I am a lucky girl! Kevin took me out last night and we had lots of drinks. It was a lot of fun. He got me some beautiful earrings. Thanks Kevin! Tonight went out for the birthday dinner family. And Friday night Shaunna and Angie are taking me out. A week of Birthdays, what could be better?

Ahhh the decade of the 30's it seems i have a lot of things to look forward to: wrinkles, grey hairs, and gravity. Lucky me! My future brother-in-laws sister told me that 30 is the new 20. I'd like to believe that's true. :-)

I did it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Gift

You know that whole awkward stage in the very beginning of a relationship where your not sure where it's headed? I don't like it one bit. I hate the uneasiness of okay am I single or what? Now that the weird stage is over I feel more comfortable talking about it. Kevin has been my boyfriend for little over a month now. He is great! I feel lucky and happy to have him in my life. He even lets me keep a dog bed at his place and a toy so I can bring Deuce, my larger than life dog, when I go over there. Now that I've filled in all the details here is my problem. Well it's not really a problem.

With Christmas coming up I have no idea what to do. He asked me what I wanted for birthday, graduation, and Christmas not too long ago. I have no idea. I like to be surprised. What he said got me thinking. I finally thought to ask him what he wanted for Christmas. He told me he already has everything he wants. Well Hmmm... Then I thought I had the perfect idea. Instead of exchanging presents I asked him if he would want to go to the mall and get a Christmas Angel and we can buy a needy child a gift instead. He told me he would love to do that and also said that this is our first Christmas together. So, now I have no clue what I should do. Right now he's out of town on business so I'll probably just ask him when I get back. Part of me thinks that in addition to the Christmas Angel gift that I should also get him something thoughtful. And what do guys really find thoughtful? Did I mention that I am not good at buying man presents? Any ideas?? Anyone???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working Girl

I had my screening interview with the Chandler school district today. I must be naive because I didn't think it was going to be a "real" interview since it's for a site-based sub based on if you were a great student teacher. Good thing i was dressed for it because i had a real interview. I left feeling a little funny. I liked the answers I gave but I don't know I guess everything suddenly seems real. Sometimes i wonder where my head is at. What was I thinking?

I decided to work full-time at my paying job. I haven't worked 40 hours a week in several years. It's so boring and the time drags. I miss student teaching. The time went by so fast and I was always talking and laughing. At my paying job you get looked at if you talk too much. I am looking forward to my first real pay check and having some money to "not pay the IRS" haha. ;-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Life gave me a lemon.

There is no point to being mad because well really what good is that going to do? Other than put me in a bad mood when it’s outside of my control.

I got a letter in the mail from the IRS. I had to call them and it turns out that they didn’t get my taxes this year. Because they were not received they are deemed late. Not only am I being charged fees and interest but I don’t get the stimulus check because I didn't "file in time". What I owed was pretty much what the check was for so I didn’t think much about it. So free money is bye-bye (unless it suddenly gets found with the post mark date on it), i still owe, accrued interest, and have a penalty fee...this just plain sucks. I guess I should have looked into this when the checks were issued since the last 4- of my social starts with a 0. This is sure a crappy learning experience.