Monday, May 9, 2011

Keeping The Sun Out

When I got home from work on Friday. I came out to the back yard to water the flowers. And I got the urge to wash all the screens and sunscreens. Although my house is small I've got 12 windows. It took awhile to get them washed, dried, popped, or clipped into place. I didn't start out planning on doing the whole house. All the screens and shades where in the garage leaded against the wall and I didn't really know what was out.

One of the biggest windows is my bedroom window. So I found the big sunshades and pulled them out. I washed them. Then I took one to the window and it was way too big. I was very confused by this. After all this is my biggest window. That night I learned that they make shades for patio doors. They had to be screwed in and well I wasn't sure how they work so I put then aside and went to find smaller ones for the bedroom.

I figured out the bedroom windows. And from there I was able to narrow down what went there. I just kept narrowing down sizes and what went where until they were all up. Now I know that I have 6 different sized windows. A few days ago I would have said 3.
I got them all up. I didn't get then ad clean as I wanted. But my mom said they are very hard to clean.
Saturday I woke up and figured out how the sunscreens go on the sliding doors.
I am very proud of myself for doing this. Which may seem silly to most people. I just don't do stuff like this. I call my mom or dad (depending on what it is) and they do it for me. Parents always do things better! I need to grow up at some point and learn to do things on my own. It was hard work but since I got them all up correctly it feels good to have done it on my own. Mom was pretty surprised and I'd like to think she was proud of me for doing it on my own.

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