Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not again!

Over the weekend I went and got a pedicure with a friend. And I forgot to close the bedroom door. Someone went to town on the blinds in the office area on the door that leads to the backyard. He left about half of them up.

Now both doors have no blinds or half. I will replace the blinds in my office area, since the dogs usually don't have access to that room when I'm not home (as long as I remember to close the door when I leave). In the living room I think I'm going to have to put up curtains. Def. not something I ever thought about. But, obviously we can no longer handle having blinds up. Until I decide what to do and find something that I like I have hung up a sheet.

I only have two sheets that I can use for the doors (unless I have some in one of the many unpacked boxes). I had one of the sheets in my bedroom area on the window to block some of the light, even with the blinds that came with the house a lot of light came in. I had to take that one so I had a little more privacy incase someone was peeking over the fence (yah I'm slightly paranoid about weird stuff).

I was able to take a fitted sheet and hook it to the top of the window and the bottom window sill. Makes me laugh when I walk in. Like a bed on the wall. It works until I get blinds for that room. I don't even know if you do curtains and blinds together.

(excuse the black and white dog butt).

And instead of improving the house to make it better we are regressing. Winning!

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