Monday, April 18, 2011


I pretty much have a job for next year. Nice that I don't need to figure out something else. It will be my 3rd year and still no raise. I no money isn't everything, but it's a little important.

I have started thinking in my head a plan to make more money without having to go back to school and start back over. Other states pay teachers 10k more on average. So I am thinking of moving. We're talking an extra 800 a month. Why should I not try for that. And I am single!

Here is my plan:

If I am at my school for 4 years or more if you give your notice early enough they will pay you for all the sick days you haven't used (currently I have 16 days of sick time).

If you have the state retirement for 5 years on top of what you put in you will get 25% of what the school contributed (and they currently contribute 100% of the 9% we put in).
* 6 years you get 40%
* 7 years you get 55%

I would keep this house. I bought it planning to hang on to it. And for how cheap it was will make it a lot easier.

What I don't know is if I will rent it or keep it and stay in it when I come back during the summers. If I want any extra spending money I think my only option would be renting. But it would be cool to have a home to stay in when coming back to AZ.

My friend is moving to another state, she is hoping this summer. So, this has got the wheels turning in my head.

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Christine said...

Do you work in the same school district that you recently purchased your house in?

Pam the Realtor said...

Rent the house if you move. With the money you would make from renting, you can stay somewhere really nice whenever you come back. Plus, it's better for a house to be lived in than just sitting vacant for months on end.

Anonymous said...

@Christine, no the rural community that's south of here.
@Pam, that's very true thanks for the good advice.

Angela. :-)